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Hi everyone, Welcome back! What's new? This week got off to a solid start with a productive Monday. I took care of every mandatory task on the to-do list and then managed to work in what was probably my last outdoor bike ride of the year, so that made me happy. The rain took a little longer than expected (again) to arrive, but the garden eventually got a good soaking, so things are good. There's a whole new set of errands to deal with today, but they can wait a little bit longer. First, let's see what's going on in... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! Come on in, have a seat. How are you? We were up past our bedtime last night so we could watch all of the "One Chicago" season premieres. More on those later, but we'll probably have to set the DVR to record Chicago PD going forward, because we need our beauty rest. On a completely different topic, did September go by faster than usual, or is that just us? Maybe it's because it's been nicer weather than we were expecting. Anyway, BDH and Little Buddha just made a fresh pot of coffee, so grab yourself a... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! How are you? Today was the first time in 3-4 days that I haven't woken up at 3:30 in the morning with back pain, so we're already off to a good start here. I'm having a bit of déjà vu, because BDH and Little Buddha say today's forecast calls for a chance of rain. It was supposed to start in the morning, but now it may or may not start until the afternoon, if it happens at all. Hasn't that been the forecast for the last five Wednesdays? I'll take care of some errands this morning,... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! Come on in, have a seat. How are you? September and I have gotten off to a bad start. I went to bed last night with what was some mild sciatica-like pain. It was annoying, but not enough to keep me from falling asleep. However, I woke up around 2:00 like someone had just shocked me, and I roamed around the house looking for somewhere I could at least sit comfortably. I ended up bouncing from room to room several times and finally slept for a bit at an awkward angle on the couch. On top... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back, and a happy Friday to you all! In addition to Labor Day, this is moving weekend in Boston, so BDH and Little Buddha are already looking out the window to see who is coming and going from the neighborhood. There have been a handful of moving truck sightings, but the major craziness happens over the next two days. Navigating that circus is a rite of passage in Boston, and I'm so happy we aren't part of that zoo anymore. BDH wasn't here for any of our moving adventures. However, Little Buddha still remembers being packed up... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! Come on in, have a seat. Did you get the rain we had here last night? That was crazy. BDH and Little Buddha love watching and listening to storms, but they're also glad they sleep far away from the windows. Also, there's no getting around it - I had to turn the lights on earlier last night, and it's a little darker than it used to be at this point in the morning. Don't care for that. Don't care for that at all. The guys tell me to focus on the important things, like the fact... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! How are you? I don't know what happened yesterday. I got a good night's sleep, we all had fun hanging out here, and then....the productivity just fell off a cliff for the rest of the day. I think it's because I kept waiting for that thunderstorm that was supposed to be eight hours long but ended up being about 90 minutes in the late afternoon. Thunderstorms throw me off. It's probably because of once specific incident that maybe we'll discuss another day, but I guess this was a reminder about needing to stay in the moment... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! Come on in, have a seat. Any big plans for the 4th? I suspect we'll mostly be focused on setting up shop in a cool location, because it's supposed to get hot early today. Maybe we'll take a trip to the movies, or maybe we'll just grab a book, hang out by the fan, and then water the garden before the fireworks begin. Can't say our group is a big fan of fireworks. Well, we don't mind the "official" ones - it's the thought of our neighbors shooting them off that makes us a little nervous.... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! How are you? Still feeling a little out of sorts here, but yesterday was a productive day which was a great way to start the week. I got all sorts of errands done, and it took about three minutes to fall asleep last night. It was supposed to be raining this morning, but BDH and Little Buddha say now it's not going to start until somewhere around noon at the earliest. I'm a little suspicious about whether it's going to happen at all, which is why I watered the garden yesterday. In any case, the guys... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back, and a happy Friday to you all! I was just telling BDH and Little Buddha that the next time I'm supposed to stay home to sign for a package, I'm just going to have it rerouted to the local holding place and pick it up a day later. I don't know why I thought it might come early yesterday, but the UPS guy didn't show up until 7:30. It was not what we would call a "great use of time," but live and learn I guess. Now I have something else to pick up today, and... Read more →