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Hi everyone, Welcome back! How are you? I was up past my bedtime once again, thanks to the Stanley Cup Finals. It was worth it, mind you, but I'll be moving slowly today. The only real issue is that I have a meeting later this morning, so I'm going to need some coffee ahead of time to make sure I'm not just blankly staring at the other people in the room. As it turns out, BDH and Little Buddha just made a fresh pot, so grab yourself a nice medium DD, and let's clear out some Monday Clutter. We were... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! Come on in, have a seat. How are you? Is it just me, or is this week going by quickly? I took a nap before last night's condo association meeting. The problem was that I didn't set the alarm, so I slept for about twice as long as I should have let myself rest. I still made the meeting, but it was hard to get back to sleep later, so today should be fun. As for the meeting itself, the big win was that I ignored my anxiety about attending, but I'm glad they're only once... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! Come on in, have a seat. We were just looking at the weather forecast. It's cloudy at the moment, and this afternoon looks like it's supposed to be pretty ugly. That's not fun. There's a meeting I should attend tonight, although I'm not excited about it, and the idea of thunderstorms isn't helping. BDH and Little Buddha think I should focus on the rest of the day first, and then we can revisit that when it gets closer. Works for me. In the meantime, the guys made coffee, so grab yourself a nice medium DD, and... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! Come on in, have a seat. How are you? The week is off to a decent start so far on this end. The sun is shining, and that always helps. Moving a little slowly right now because this NHL Stanley Cup Finals thing is fun, but it keeps me up past my bedtime, and a guy needs his rest. The good news is that BDH and Little Buddha went on a shopping run yesterday and bought more coffee. They just made a fresh pot, so grab yourself a nice medium DD, and let's clear out some... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! It's a rainy Monday, and that leaves us even more in awe of the folks who are running the Boston Marathon today. The idea of voluntarily running 26.2 miles is already beyond us, but in this weather? Forget about it. Best of luck to all of the runners, as well as their family and friends who are going to get soaked while cheering them on. We've got a few things to take care of today. None of it is as challenging as running a marathon, but BDH and Little Buddha think it's important we start this... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! Come on in, have a seat. I was just talking to BDH and Little Buddha about the fact that David Ortiz was in town yesterday to promote the new Boston Red Sox - New Hampshire Lottery scratch ticket. Wally and Tessie were there as well, and they do a terrific job of working the crowd. Fans young and old alike were grinning as they hung out with the two mascots. It was cold while we were waiting for Big Papi, and he was a little late, but the crowd was in a positive mood, and a... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! Come on in, have a seat. Before we get down to business today, we just wanted to let you know that our annual spring training trip starts tomorrow. Not sure at the moment what that's going to mean for our programming schedule over the next few days, but we wanted to give you all a heads-up, so you don't worry if we're not here for a little bit. Now, back to the business at hand. How are you? We had a bit of a stressful Wednesday afternoon, because I misplaced the Boston Red Sox watch Mom... Read more →

Those of us who grew up as fans of the hair metal era in the 1980's will always have a soft spot in our hearts for Motley Crue. Their hair was high, the look androgynous at times, and the music was catchy and over-the-top rock. The band was "sex, drugs, and rock and roll" taken to the extreme, but their songs have staying power. Even some 34 years after it was released, "Home Sweet Home" evokes strong memories of the time as you sing along. The same is true for "Kickstart My Heart," which came out in 1989. In addition... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! How are you? We're still doing a little birthday celebrating for BDH here, which has been fun. He and Little Buddha do so much around Clutter Headquarters, it's a treat to be able to celebrate them now and again. It's also nice to have a party to help power through this point in the winter. We even had a few birds return from down south to join the festivities! Of course, once these festivities wrap up, we still have Little Buddha's birthday to celebrate at the end of August. Besides all of the hardcore raging, it's... Read more →

Our unabashed fondness for David Tennant for is well-documented in this space. We loved in him Doctor Who of course, as well as Broadchurch, and many other performances. He's brilliant in every role, but there's also a sense of humor and warmth about the man which has long led us to believe we would be best friends if we ever met. (Don't bother trying to convince us otherwise, you're just wrong.) That kindness and openness now shine in his newest adventure, David Tennant Does a Podcast with..., which is just a delight. We were particularly interested in his conversation with... Read more →