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We're at the halfway point of series 11. The Doctor and friends find themselves on a ship that's under attack, and we're feeling some deja vu. Let's discuss... Warning: Spoilers ahead Observations: Did we establish what the Doctor and crew were doing on that junk heap planet in the first place? For a second, we thought we were back on the planet from The Doctor's Wife, and perhaps she was looking for some new parts for the revamped TARDIS. Apparently not. Speaking of the TARDIS, oh come on, the Doctor just found her, and now they're separated again? You know... Read more →

First, a bit of good news that ABC has decided to give A Million Little Things a full season. Looks like we're all going to be hanging out together for a few more months. Excellent! Now, this week's episode sees secrets being revealed and new secrets popping up in this group like weeds, as the show cops out on a crucial moment. Grab a coffee, and let's discuss. Warning: Spoilers ahead Observations: "Game Night" at Rome and Regina's house seems to have a double meaning, since we've got board games and the games being played out over Delilah's pregnancy. According... Read more →

The latest episode of A Million Little Things slows down a step, as the group continues to deal with Jon's death and Gary and Delilah's affair, while some of the members handle their own secrets. Let's discuss... Warning: Spoilers ahead Observations: The already large ensemble adds Gerald McRaney to its ranks this week as Delilah's father Lenny who is struggling with dementia. We'll never say no to this grizzled veteran. Through flashbacks, we see Jon "handling" Lenny by quizzing him about how Jon and Delilah met, and also sternly telling Lenny not to give Gary a drink. It's our first... Read more →

A Million Little Things threw a lot of secrets into the mix in the first two episodes, and now a big one has already become public knowledge, as Eddie and Delilah's affair is revealed. We're still in the immediate aftermath of Jon's suicide, so it's safe to say this group of friends is having a really bad stretch. How will they move forward from here? Warning: Spoilers ahead Observations: We sympathize with everyone who sees the alert about Gary's birthday party on their phones. It's a simple but devastating reminder of the loss they've just suffered. It's nice to see... Read more →

A Million Little Things dropped a lot on its viewers during the series premiere last week. We learned about a suicide, another suicide attempt, infidelity, and two breast cancer battles. The question now becomes, where do we go from here? Let's discuss episode 2, "Band of Dads." Warning: Spoilers Ahead Observations: First off, a quick thank you to the show's producers for not asking anyone in the cast to try a Boston accent. That never goes well, and it also turns out that a lot of people who live here don't sound like Mark Wahlberg. The use of the song,... Read more →

We've been waiting for the debut of ABC's, A Million Little Things, for months, and it finally premiered on September 26. The concept of what it means to survive a loved one's suicide hits close to home, and it's an important topic which should be discussed. It also seemed clear that there would be more to this ensemble's story, and we were curious to see how that played out. We've always been big fans of Ron Livingston and Romany Malco and wanted to see if James Roday could strike the balance between drama and comedy. Not sure if we wil... Read more →

HBO's much-anticipated documentary, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind has finally been released. It's a two-hour look back at the life and creative drive of the late comic genius. There are classic clips, footage and pictures we've never seen before, and interviews with family and friends, all narrated by previous Williams interviews. Before we go any further, we have to acknowledge that we recently reviewed Dave Itzkoff's new Robin Williams biography, which many would say is the definitive account of the man's life. Television has limitations that books do not, so we'll try to not to compare the two (too... Read more →

One of the items on this summer's to-do list was to check out David Letterman's new show on Netflix, called My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. We've missed seeing Letterman on TV since his retirement in 2014, and it was intriguing to hear that he was returning in a format that featured just one guest in an hour without commercial interruptions. There were six episodes in this first season, so the question then became, which guest should we watch? The answer was simple: Howard Stern. We listened to Stern "back in the day" when he was still... Read more →

We were intrigued by the recent discovery that comic legends Steve Martin and Martin Short have teamed up for a tour. It's been years since the last time we saw Steve Martin do a stand-up routine, and we've never seen Martin Short on stage. Fortunately, Netflix offers their subscribers to see this duo in action with their new special: Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life. Two friends hanging out together and having a few laughs. (pic via Observations (Maybe a few spoilers, but hopefully not too many.) Both men... Read more →

Andre the Giant wasn't just a famous wrestler, he was a nearly-mythical figure. Andre made millions around the world smile, both in the ring and in The Princess Bride, but he had a hard life. The stories about him may be vulnerable to exaggeration, but they're fascinating and moving, and they're discussed in the new HBO Sports documentary about him. Produced by Bill Simmons, in conjunction with the WWE, Andre the Giant generally does right by the man. A man looking to belong. (pic via Observations: (Spoilers ahead.) It's a treat to see the old footage of a younger... Read more →