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Hi everyone, 2018 was another terrific year for the crew at Clutter Headquarters. We loved hanging out with all of you every day. BDH and Little Buddha ran the numbers, and we had visitors from all 50 states and a total of 117 countries. No wonder we bought so much coffee! It's our honor, as always, to grab a few minutes of your time, and we thank you so much for being part of our crazy group. We've once again gone through the files to try to find our best work from this year. It's hard to choose, because we... Read more →

Is there anyone in your life who is a big Robin Williams fan? If so, we can help you take care of your holiday shopping right now. (You're welcome!) Time Life is releasing Robin Williams: Comic Genius, which is a 22 DVD set that contains over 50 hours of material from the comic genius. We're talking his HBO specials, talk show appearances, some Mork & Mindy episodes, rare and never-before-seen clips, this year's documentary about him, and more! It spans his entire career and sounds like a must-have for any serious Williams fan. (Note: If you're looking to win our... Read more →

Robin Williams fans will be interested to learn that HBO has a new documentary coming out about the late comedian. Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind, will debut on July 16, and the first trailer just came out. Take a look: At first glance, the documentary has the same feel as Dave Itzkoff's new biography of the man. Robin Williams was a creative genius. However, it seems like he was also always the shy kid looking to connect with others, but never able to quite find what he was looking for. This may be a sad program, but we won't... Read more →

There will always be a special place in my heart for Robin Williams. I was in awe of the comedian when I was a kid. The way his mind seemed to be working at 100 mph as the quips flew out of his mouth during his stand-up routines was spell-binding. His movies could be hit-or-miss, but Good Morning Vietnam, The Fisher King, Dead Poets Society, and Good Will Hunting are some of my all-time favorites. His suicide in 2014 was personally devastating, and the world hasn't seemed as funny ever since. With that in mind, I couldn't wait to read... Read more →