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Our staff follows Doctor Who rumors throughout the year, but we don't put much stock in them until there's an official announcement, because hey, anyone can post anything on the Internet. For instance, the story of Jodie Whittaker leaving at the end of series 11 turned out to be complete hogwash. That's why we didn't pay much attention to people who claimed to know that series 12 won't air until 2020. However, the BBC just confirmed that this is true. We're trying not to overreact, but the current feeling here is that the rest of 2019 is shot after "Resolution"... Read more →

It's time for the final regular season adventure of series 11, as the Doctor and friends receive multiple distress calls from the same planet and arrive to find a familiar foe waiting for them. Is this a strong finale? Let's discuss... Warning: Spoilers ahead Observations: First off, we're glad to see it looks like we're going to close things out this year with another proper science fiction story. Now, let's see where it goes. The Doctor and crew land on a planet that emits psychotropic waves that mess with your mind in all sorts of ways, so they've got to... Read more →

There's been some silliness on the Internet recently (shocking, right?), as rumors were circulating that showrunner Chris Chibnall and star Jodie Whittaker would be leaving Doctor Who at the end of series 11. The story was no doubt some wishful thinking put out by a sad guy who's still irate that the Doctor is now "a girl." However, we can put the rumors to rest, because Jodie Whittaker confirmed that she'll be back for series 12. This is great news, as Whittaker has done a fantastic job making her mark as the 13th Doctor this year. (The ratings reflect that,... Read more →

The Doctor and friends come across a girl who is scared of a monster and missing her dad. It's a set-up for a standard adventure, but then things go in an unexpected direction. Warning: Spoilers ahead Observations: Why is the Doctor having so much trouble controlling the TARDIS this season? Did something happen to our favorite blue box between the time #12 turned into #13, and the time when they were reunited in The Ghost Monument? The "Wooly Rebellion" doesn't sound like a good time. Honestly, there's a decent chance we would have tried to join the sheep. Cheers to... Read more →

The Doctor and friends accidentally stumble into 17th century witch trials and find out there's more going on than meets the eye. This week's episode swings hard at religious intolerance and misogyny, while also throwing in an alien threat. Let's discuss... Warning: Spoilers ahead Observations: First off, can we just talk about the opening credits again? The visuals and revised theme music do a tremendous job of setting the stage for each week's adventure. We'd argue this is the best sequence of the modern era. (Tom Baker's original credits will always be our favorite.) Does anyone want to argue for... Read more →

David Tennant is a longtime Clearing out the Clutter favorite. The former Doctor Who star was tremendous as the 10th Doctor, and we've loved him in a variety of other showcases like Broadchurch, Hamlet, and Jessica Jones, to name a few. We're always excited to hear about his next project, so we were looking forward to checking out Camping, which is currently running on HBO. Unfortunately, we couldn't begin to get into that one and had to bail after the first episode. However, Camping has now given us one present that we'll always appreciate. One of Tennant's co-stars, Juliette Lewis,... Read more →

Doctor Who launches this holiday season this year by solving a mystery inside the largest retailer in the galaxy. Warning: Spoilers ahead Observations: The episode starts off with the Doctor getting a package in the TARDIS. What would the Kerblam delivery robot have done if she hadn't been home? Left a note on the front door saying they'll be back tomorrow? Also, should we be worried that the robot was able to just appear inside the TARDIS like that? We got a kick out of seeing #13 enjoying a fez again for a moment, but we're glad she didn't stick... Read more →

The second half of Series 11 starts with Team TARDIS traveling back in time so Yaz can learn more about the secret that her Nan is keeping. It's a setup that's begging for trouble, but instead of "Back to the Future" hi-jinks, "Demons of the Punjab" delivers #13's most powerful story so far. Let's discuss... Warning: Spoilers ahead Observations: Vinay Patel gets a solo writing credit, and we're curious to see how that impacts this story. Chris Chibnall's writing has been fair so far, but we're more interested in other writers' perspectives on the 13th Doctor and friends. It's fitting... Read more →

Update: It's official - The Doctor and friends are moving to New Year's Day. While it's a little bit surprising, we admit to not being crushed by reports that there will not be a Doctor Who Christmas special this year. Before you start throwing tomatoes at us, we have enjoyed almost all of the previous specials, but if the powers-that-be want to shake things up by making a New Year's-focused episode instead, we're excited to see what they can do with that premise. Also, from a selfish perspective, it's been increasingly difficult for us to watch the shows live on... Read more →

We're at the halfway point of series 11. The Doctor and friends find themselves on a ship that's under attack, and we're feeling some deja vu. Let's discuss... Warning: Spoilers ahead Observations: Did we establish what the Doctor and crew were doing on that junk heap planet in the first place? For a second, we thought we were back on the planet from The Doctor's Wife, and perhaps she was looking for some new parts for the revamped TARDIS. Apparently not. Speaking of the TARDIS, oh come on, the Doctor just found her, and now they're separated again? You know... Read more →