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Cecile Richards has spent most of her life as a "troublemaker," whether it's organizing labor groups across the country to unionize and improve their economic situations, or leading the defense of reproductive health services. The daughter of former Texas Governor Ann Richards and a civil rights attorney, Cecile Richards understands that activism is a critical component of our democracy, and it is not a spectator sport. She, along with co-author Lauren Peterson, lays out the story of her life, and tells of the incredible courage of so many women (and a few good men) she's known, in her book, Make... Read more →

"With the lights out, it's less dangerous Here we are now, entertain us I feel stupid and contagious Here we are now, entertain us" With those simple words, Kurt Cobain and his Nirvana bandmates exploded onto the national music scene in 1991. They ended the "hair metal"/cock-rock era seemingly overnight, as they immediately reset musical tastes across the country with their combination of punk rock mentality and a strong pop base. Cobain and company were the modern-day Beatles with their immediate and revolutionary impact, but unfortunately, their rise came to a screeching halt with Cobain's self-inflicted death in 1994. However,... Read more →

Lane Moore is a woman of many talents. She's written for The Onion and been the Sex and Relationships Editor for Cosmopolitan. She is also the singer for Is It Romance, as well as a stand-up comedian known for her Tinder Live shows. Now, Moore is also the author of a new best-selling book: How To Be Alone: If You Want To and Even If You Don't. It's a combination autobiography, discussion of how we deal with each other, and a reassurance that loneliness is not some type of personal failure. The book is funny in spots, hard to read... Read more →

Gianni Russo is best known by many people for his role in The Godfather as Carlo Rizzi, Connie Corleone's abusive husband who sets up Sonny Corleone to be murdered. (Sorry if we gave away a spoiler there.) However, it turns out that appearing in that classic film is only one of the many fascinating stories Russo has to tell, and he shares the others in his new book: Hollywood Godfather: My Life In The Movies And The Mob. (Release date: March 12, 2019) Russo grew up in a challenging home situation in Little Italy in the 1950's. A chance encounter... Read more →

Monty Python's Flying Circus first aired on the BBC in 1969, and comedy would never be the same again. Five Brits from Cambridge and Oxford teamed up with one American to break all the rules and create their own distinctly intelligent, surreal, and silly skits linked together by Terry Gilliam's offbeat animation pieces. This group created an underground television hit in the United Kingdom before eventually bringing their antics to the big screen and the United States, where they maintain a devoted following some 50 years later. There's no one better qualified to discuss Monty Python than the group members... Read more →

This may come as a shock, but it's been 20 years since the world met Tony Soprano. That's right, the New Jersey crime boss/befuddled family man first walked into psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi's office on January 10, 1999, and television would never be the same again. Once you've recovered from that news, we take great pleasure in informing you that you can celebrate the anniversary of the series premiere by grabbing a copy of The Sopranos Sessions, by Matt Zoller Seitz and Alan Sepinwall (with a forward by Laura Lippman.) (Release date: January 8, 2019) This book is a delight, and... Read more →

Hi everyone, 2018 was another terrific year for the crew at Clutter Headquarters. We loved hanging out with all of you every day. BDH and Little Buddha ran the numbers, and we had visitors from all 50 states and a total of 117 countries. No wonder we bought so much coffee! It's our honor, as always, to grab a few minutes of your time, and we thank you so much for being part of our crazy group. We've once again gone through the files to try to find our best work from this year. It's hard to choose, because we... Read more →

Author Neil Gaiman has written some of our all-time favorite stories, including Sandman, Good Omens, American Gods, and The Doctor's Wife. He's got a wonderfully creative mind which has led us into worlds of darkness, fantasy, and whimsy, and he strikes a chord for us in a way that is distinctly Gaiman-esque. We consider him a creative role model in many ways, so that's why we were excited to check out his new book: Art Matters: Because Your Imagination Can Change the World. (Release date: November 20, 2018.) The book is a collection of four previous Gaiman essays, which are... Read more →

It's great to finally have the Doctor back in action. After what felt like years of waiting, #13 and her friends jumped right into the action, and the new era is off to a strong start. The problem is that it leaves us even more impatient for each week's new episode to arrive. That's why we recently treated ourselves to The Thirteenth Doctor: The Many Lives of Doctor Who, from Titan Comics, to help pass some time between shows. Written by Richard Dinnick, and beautifully drawn by a number of illustrators, The Many Lives takes place right as #12 is... Read more →

Professional wrestling has always seemed like like an over-the-top circus (fittingly, given the industry's roots.) Loud overgrown men vowing to defeat their opponents, putting on an entertaining physical show in front of cheering audiences, and then packing up and moving on to do it all over again in the next city. The travel is intense, and the job security is temporary, but these guys (we're only focusing on male wrestlers here) grind away at it day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. The audience might sometimes forget that these performers are real people with real... Read more →