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Hi everyone, Welcome back! It's time, folks. The season finale is here. Will we finally get an answer to the Barbara Morgan mystery? Yes, yes we will. However, there's another, perhaps bigger, secret to discuss. Actually, there's a lot packed into this episode, so let's get down to it. Warning: Spoilers ahead Observations: Gary gets the final opening voice-over of the season. That makes sense - in some ways, he feels like the narrator of this show. He's spent the season looking after all of his friends since Jon's death, so he should get the last intro. Eddie and Maggie... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back for another discussion about "A Million Little Things." We've only got two episodes left in season one. (Or is it already season two? More on that in a bit.) This week's show gives us a little stalking, a look at the power of faith (however you define it), and a number of people feeling invisible. Let's jump right in... Warning: Spoilers ahead Observations: Rome gets the opening voice-over this week. It seems like whoever gets this spot gets a lot of attention in the episode, so we're off to a good start. We're assuming Drea de... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back for another chat about the latest episode of "A Million Little Things!" We're heading into the final stretch of season one, and while a number of questions have been solved, there seem to be new ones popping up every week. It just so happens that episode 15 aired on Valentine's Day. Is that good or bad for this group? Let's discuss: Warning: Spoilers Ahead Observations: Eddie gets this week's opening voice-over. You know how we feel about Eddie, so this is not a good sign, but let's continue... What exactly is that toy Linda is playing... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! Before we talk about this week's episode, we want to say a quick congratulations to everyone who works on "A Million Little Things" on being renewed for a second season. The show clearly got a ratings bump when it moved to Thursday nights, and we're glad to see the network noticed it. Now, we're heading into the final stretch of season one, and in a show filled with secrets, this week was Regina's chance to reveal a major one of hers. Let's discuss. Warning: Spoilers ahead Observations: Gary doing the voice-over talking about mysteries during the... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back for another discussion of the latest episode of A Million Little Things! Last week felt a lot like a season finale, so we're interested to see how the show rebuilds its momentum for its final month. The commercials and other social media have implied this week will be Ashley's reckoning. Will we also finally learn who Barbara Morgan is and how she fits into this story? Let's chat... Warning: Spoilers ahead Observations: We've seen glimpses of a mystery woman with brown hair who has had several brief tense interactions with Ashley over the last few episodes.... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back for another chat about A Million Little Things! Sorry we're late this week. The crazy weather messed up our viewing plans, but we're back on track now. Before we go any further, ICYMI, show creator DJ Nash tweeted that the season finale is on February 28, so mark your calendars. There's still no word about a season 2 yet, but we'll deal with that later. For now, let's talk about this week's episode... Warning: Spoilers ahead Observations: As the episode title indicates, we're getting a look at everyone's lives the day before Jon Dixon took his... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! We hope you had a good holiday season since the last time we were here to chat about A Million Little Things. Hopefully you all remembered the new day and time for the show. ABC must be feeling good about it to put it right after Grey's Anatomy. Let's jump in and discuss the latest chapter of this ever-growing mystery. Warning: Spoilers Ahead Observations: We start right off the bat with John taping an apology for abandoning...Barbara? So, is that his first wife or a daughter? As the last few weeks of promos have emphasized, we... Read more →

Christmas season has arrived, and it brings plenty of challenges for our group of friends. Warning: Spoilers Ahead Observations: Raise your hand if you've ever been in trouble because of a dream your significant other had, or vice-versa. Yeah, same here. The person who had the dream understands it didn't really happen, but you're still screwed for a while. We're guessing Rome's libido issues are related to his anti-depressants, and we find out later we were right. Stabilizing your mental and emotional health can come with some side effects. The scenes with Katherine and Theo are terrific. The two have... Read more →

Gary is marking his one-year anniversary of being in remission, but what should be a happy event brings up a lot of anger, as the members of this group have complicated bereavement issues to process. Warning: Spoilers ahead Observations: It's nice to see Jon back in the picture since he's been gone for a few episodes. Of course he was there when Gary was getting his chemo treatments. Gary doesn't like looking at a blank wall in the hospital? Jon gets a picture to hang on the wall. We still don't know all that much about Mr. Dixon at this... Read more →

Welcome back, everyone! We hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. It's been a couple of weeks since we saw this crew, and all of their problems were solved during the break! Just kidding, they're a mess as this week's episode of A Million Little Things touches on the anguish people sometimes face when they feel helpless to stop the loss of a loved one. Let's discuss... Warning: Spoilers ahead Observations: We start with Maggie pretty clearly dreaming as she's facing a plane crash with a guy named "Chad," who's drinking while he's flying the aircraft. The Cure's "Lovesong" plays in... Read more →