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(Review) Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Taylor's Version)

A quick note before we get started:

Hello to all of the Swifties out there, and thanks for stopping by!  We just want to let you know out the outset that the review which follows isn't necessarily for you.  We're not going to do a detailed breakdown of the setlist, or provide an in-depth discussion of each era. 

This is more for the person who casually knows Taylor Swift's name, whether it's because of some of her hits, or because she's currently dating NFL player Travis Kelce, and maybe not much more than that. 

The goal is to help those folks better understand the phenomenon that is Taylor Swift.  With that, here we go...

Taylor Swift released her debut album in 2006 and immediately became star.  She's dominated the music charts ever since that first record.  However, her profile recently managed to reach an even higher level with the launch of her mammoth "Eras Tour" in March 2023, and the start of her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. 

Everywhere you turned, Swift was either bringing her economic engine of a production to your favorite city, or appearing on-screen for a few minutes each Sunday during Kansas City's games. Everywhere you looked, it was Taylor, Taylor, Taylor.

If you're not a hardcore fan, maybe you thought this was overkill.  No one could be worth this much media coverage, right?

Swift's newly released concert film, Taylor Swift:  The Eras Tour (Taylor's Version), now available on Disney+, proves she's earned every last bit of it.

The movie runs three hours and 30 minutes in total.  However, the actual concert footage works out to a two hour and 45 minute presentation of Swift's shows at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles last year (plus three bonus songs.)  The ticket prices for this tour made headlines because of a face value range of $49 to $499.  However, it's clear Swift gave her fans their money's worth.  The opening sequence in the 70,000+ seat SoFi looks like something out of the Olympics.  The production budget was well-spent.  The stage is huge, the sets are immense, and the light show is mesmerizing.

Taylor Swift has her audience in the palm of her hand right from the beginning, and she doesn't let go for the entire movie.  She knows exactly the show they want to see, and she delivers the songs and dance numbers, with each era also getting a corresponding set and costume change.  Swift has explored a number of musical genres in her 17 years, including country, pop, dance, and adult contemporary, and there's a constant theme throughout her catalog:  This woman exudes strength, confidence, and empowerment at every turn.

It's in her performance and in her songs.  She's a strong woman who has had her ups and downs, but she knows she deserves the best in her personal and professional life. If the situation at any given time isn't good enough for her, she's not afraid to demand better.  The audience shots of mostly girls and women, but also some boys and men, show fans clearly connecting with her stories, as they hang onto every lyric.  You can tell they feel like they're being heard. 

Don't we all want that?  To feel like it's not just us all by ourselves?  One of the main reasons people go to concerts is to feel like part of a community, and it's clear Swift's fans have one that they adore.

Even in edited form, the show is an extensive spectacle. What makes it even more awe-inspiring is that Swift puts on this kind of performance Every. Single.  Night.  The movie is also a reflection of a remarkable career.  Many musicians would be lucky if their entire run was 17 years long.  However, Swift is only 34 years old.  What if it turns out that this is only the first third of her legacy? 

You don't have to be a fan of Swift's music.  Everyone has their own preferences, and to each their own, but you should tip your cap to the work.  It's great that the singer supports her boyfriend during his games.  However, this concert movie makes it clear that she's basically in Clark Kent mode on Sundays. 

Taylor Swift:  The Eras Tour (Taylor's Version) shows this woman is a powerhouse who has earned all of the acclaim she's received to this point and will continue to warrant in the future.  Her fans are on a positive journey that deserves respect.  The world could use more Taylor Swifts. 


Taylor Swift Eras TourWatch a master performer in action.  (pic via




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