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Are You Ready for the Doctor Who Season 1 Trailer?

We were thrilled by the recent announcement that the new season of Doctor Who will begin on May 10 or 11 (depending on your location.)  Part of the reason it made us so excited is because that meant the first trailer would be coming soon, and now it's here!

There's so much crammed into this clip, and we can't wait to see more of all of it.  Ncuti Gatwa's 15th Doctor is practically bursting with joy right from the start, which by itself signals the start of a new era for the show.  However, there are glimpses of his serious side as well, because it looks like the Time Lord and Ruby Sunday have to save the world from a horrible fate (at the hands of Jinkx Monsoon?)  Of course, we're still wondering, how does the mysterious neighbor Mrs. Flood fit into everything?

The visuals continue to look fantastic, and can we just talk about the new TARDIS interior?  Goodness!  The lack of attention paid to the inside of the brilliant blue box was one of the biggest misfires of the previous regime.  Now?  You could tell us this entire season takes place in that room, and that would be okay.  Of course it doesn't, and the trailer also gives us a glimpse of some of the amazing sets and costumes to enjoy in the weeks ahead.

The vibes from the trailer are making us see Ruby Sunday as a cross between Rose Tyler and Clara Oswald.  It's almost depressing to hear the Doctor tell Ruby's adoptive mom Carla (which similar to Clara...hmm...) that he will keep her safe.  Unless that's some misleading editing, there's little chance this is what will happen.  We know Millie Gibson makes it through the first season, but it doesn't sound like this will be a long-term gig. 

Meanwhile, Ruby's voice-over saying she's meant to save the world gives off a strong "Impossible Girl" feeling.  That impression is made even stronger by the news that former boss Steven Moffat came back to write an episode.

Oh, there's so much to be excited about, as Season 1 draws closer.  We'll see you again in May!


Doctor Who Season 1 Trailer March 2024The wait is almost over!  (pic via


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