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Another New Doctor Who Season 1 Trailer is Here!

Wait, we're still obsessing over the first Doctor Who Season 1 trailer that was just released a little over a week ago, and now there's already a new one? 


Building on everything we've seen so far, the immediate impression remains that Ncuti Gatwa radiates charisma.  Finally freed from the aftermath of the Time War, the Doctor's love for the universe has apparently reached new heights.  The joy that he carries with each step is confirmation that we have reached a new era in this story, one that is worthy of a "Season 1" designation.  That might be the most exciting aspect of all of this.  After 60 years, the series has found a way to reinvent itself yet again.  What a treat.

However, it's not all laughs for the Time Lord.  There are flashes of that familiar anger, one that can terrify galaxies, and it appears #15 is being set up for a new loss.   It's easy to assume that Ruby Sunday is going to meet a bad fate, especially after the Doctor promises her mother that he'll keep his new friend safe.  However, is that a misdirection?  No idea, but we can't wait to find out the answer.

Speaking of Ruby, Millie Gibson gets a lot of the focus in this trailer.  Who are her parents?  How does she fit into the bigger picture?  Is she related to Mrs.  Flood?  Is there any chance she is Mrs. Flood?  Tell us more, please.

Once again, the visuals are amazing, including what looks like a moment of zero gravity.  The costumes are superb, and the sets are engrossing.  If this is the benefit of the Disney+ connection, may that relationship thrive for many years to come.

Also, did we see Rose Noble in there for a second?

You've got all of that, plus a quick look at Jinkx Monsoon, musical numbers, space babies, dinosaurs, fantasy sequences, monsters galore, high stakes, and more.

Oh, and let's not forget the release of the episode titles!


1) "Space Babies" written by Russell T. Davies

2) "The Devil's Chord" written by Russell T. Davies

3) "Boom" written by Steven Moffatt (We can't wait to discover what this one's about.)

4) "73 Yards" written by Russell T. Davies

5) "Dot and Bubble" written by Russell T. Davies

6) "Rogue" written by Kate Herron and Briony Redman

7) "The Legend of Ruby Sunday" written by Russell T. Davies (With a title like that, we already have unreasonably high hopes for this one.)

8) "Empire of Death" written by Russell T. Davies (Glad the season ends on a lighthearted note.  Just kidding, this will probably be devastating.)


There's so much to process.  Thankfully, we have until May 10/11 to sort it all out...unless another trailer is released before then.

One way or another, we'll see you again soon!


Ncuti Gatwa 15th Doctor March 31 2024We can't wait for what's next!  (pic via


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