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How are you?  Our crew is doing well, but despite our best efforts (including a healthy nap), we still couldn't stay up for Chicago P.D. last night.  It looks like we might have to bump that to the DVR for the time being.  However, we got a good night's sleep, so I'm ready for whatever BDH and Little Buddha throw at me for the updated to-do list.

It appears that the first item on the list is to check out today's headlines with you.  Let's do it.  There's a fresh pot of coffee on the counter, so grab yourself a nice medium DD, because it's time to clear out some Thursday Clutter.

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Nikki Haley said she thinks Joe Biden is "more dangerous" to the country than Donald Trump, thus confirming that all members of the GOP are out of their minds.  Haley specifically highlighted immigration and the economy.  That shows you that Republicans have no legitimate criticisms to work with here.  Conservatives just caved to Donald Trump on immigration by shooting down a bill that was written by one of their own, because Trump wants the issue as an attack line. They have no interest in actually doing anything about this issue.  It's there to distract their voters from the fact that these clowns have nothing to offer them to make their lives better, so they play the racist card at every opportunity.

As far as the economy goes, the stock market is near an all-time high, inflation is almost back to normal levels after a global pandemic, and the reason interest rates are still elevated is because the economy is still hot.   Give us the guy responsible for that, over the one who tried to lead a coup, is a confirmed sex offender, owes over $500 million in legal fines (so far) and has been indicted on 91 felony counts.  It's really not a hard call for decent Americans.

Nikki Haley February 22 2024At the end of the day, Nikki Haley will bow to Donald Trump like every other Republican.  (pic via

Of course Donald Trump is asking for a delay in the enforcement of his NY civil fraud trial penalty.  The con man doesn't have the cash to pay the $455 million fine (including interest), and he's looking to buy time to find a way out of trouble, just like with every other one of his legal problems.  Donald Trump has weaponized the courts for his own interests for far too long, and it's time that finally ends.  Judge Arthur Engoron should reject the request, sign the judgment order, and start the clock on collecting the money.  If Trump can't find the cash in the next 30 days, New York Attorney General Letitia James should carry through on her intention to seize his assets.

President Biden criticized Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump at a fundraiser last night.  The president called Putin "a crazy SOB" and went after Trump for comparing himself to murdered Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.  He wasn't wrong on either count.  Maybe it's just us, but we'll stick with the guy who isn't a Russian puppet. 

A lawsuit in North Carolina has the potential to change every current death sentence in the state to life imprisonment instead.  Death row inmate Hasson Bacote is challenging his sentence based on racial discrimination, and if he wins, it could apply to others in the same position.  We wish Bacote the best of luck with his case.  Capital punishment is an abomination, and it's also an inherently flawed/irreparable public policy failure.   It is biased against people of color and the poor, and it's about vengeance, not justice.

We're heartbroken to hear about the death of non-binary Oklahoma teenager Nex Benedict, who recently died after getting into a fight at school.  Whatever the final result of the autopsy ends up being, there is no denying that there is far too much hatred in our society towards non-binary and transgender individuals, much of which has been stoked by right-wing politicians to satisfy their own needs.  Intolerance kills.  Everyone should have the right to express themselves freely without fear of violence.  Our condolences go out to Benedict's family.

According to a new study, the official count of COVID-19 deaths in the United States might be 16% higher than official numbers.  There have been at least 1.1 million-related deaths in this country, and we know under-counting was an issue right from the beginning.  So many lives could have been saved if the previous administration hadn't been grossly incompetent.  We're not going back to the days of talking about "injecting disinfectant" to solve the problem.

The minutes from the Fed's January meeting show that additional interest rate hikes probably aren't coming, but officials remain concerned about starting cuts too quickly.  We give them credit for being consistent.  Despite the constant predictions that they would suddenly abandon their strategy, decision-makers have said time and time again that they'd rather be cautious and hold rates high for too long than lower them too early.  The Clutter investment team continues to take them at their word, and our staff is responding accordingly.  For now, they remain pleased to still be earning a solid yield on their savings account, after years of making about seven cents each month.

It's safe to say this is about as down as we've been in recent memory about the Boston Red Sox at the start of spring training.  However, Boston Globe columnist Chad Finn writes it's possible the team could still have an entertaining season.  Finn is pretty objective about these sorts of things, so we appreciate his optimism.  However, our concerns still remain about ownership no longer caring about this product.

New England Patriots incoming offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt told reporters yesterday that he's starting with "a clean slate" this year.  We're fascinated to see how different that side of the football looks once the NFL's free agency period and draft are over.  The Pats need help pretty much everywhere.  There should be a lot of new faces to discuss by the end of April.  Let the great rebuild begin.

The WWE is still using Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson as a bad guy in their quest to fix the Wrestlemania 40 main event they messed up after the announcement of the Vince McMahon sex abuse/trafficking lawsuit.  The storyline is mostly back on track, with Cody Rhodes once again challenging Johnson's cousin Roman Reigns.  However, it's disappointing that "the Rock" is still using the same homophobic trash talk that he had in the 1990's, as he recently threatened to slap "Cody Rhodes and his girlfriend Seth Rollins."  He and the company should both be better than that at this point, but anything for a buck, apparently.

It looks like Kara Killmer is leaving Chicago Fire next week once Brett and Casey get married.  We'll miss the actress, and character.  On the flip side, the promo for the episode includes an appearance by a character we thought might be gone for good from the show, so at least we have that bit of positive news. 

Question for the fans of "One Chicago" shows:  On a scale of 1-10, how obvious do you find it that every program is missing certain characters each week because of budget cuts?  If 1 is "don't notice," and 10 is, "can't stop thinking about it," we'd say it's about a 6-7 for us.  You?

Jimmy Kimmel is talking about possibly leaving late night TV when his current contract expires.  He's still got two years left, so do you think he's laying the groundwork down for a big announcement in say, a year, or is this the beginning of a negotiation with ABC?

Soap Opera Digest has an interesting interview with Adam Harrington about being hired to play Jagger Cates on General Hospital.  Harrington shares a lot of behind-the-scenes details about what went into taking on the role.  He also mentions at one point that he auditioned for another role on the soap opera before being brought back for Cates.  We're pretty sure we know who the other character was, and if so, things seemed to work out for the best, because Cates is much more interesting.

We're sorry to hear that the reason Mick Jones isn't out with Foreigner on their "farewell tour" is because he's battling Parkinson's disease.  We wish him the best with that challenge.  On a side note, once a band like Foreigner is no longer performing with any original members, shouldn't they have to change their name?

Okay kids, that's going to do it for now.  Here's Ed Sheeran to close things out with, "Castle on the Hill" for today's, "Song of the Day."

Thanks for stopping by, folks.  It was great to see you, as always.  Enjoy the rest of your day, be good, and we'll catch up with you again soon.  Until next time, that's today's Clearing out the Clutter, and we are outta here.


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