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(Review) The Marvels

Full disclosure:  Having really enjoyed 2019's Captain Marvel, it was disappointing at first to hear that Carol Danvers would not get her own solo sequel.  Instead, she was to be paired with Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau in a buddy film.  It felt like a lack of confidence from Marvel that was unjustified. 

However, despite misgivings about that decision, yours truly promises that what follows is an objective review of The Marvels, which is now available on Disney+.  While this wasn't our first preference,  it turns out that these three women team up in one of the more entertaining Marvel features we've seen in years.

(We'll try to keep this fairly spoiler-free.)

The movie finds the three main characters joining forces because the latest development in the seemingly never-ending Kree-Skrull War has linked their powers together.  As a result, the women keep switching places when they use them.  This leads to a number of comedic action sequences throughout much of the first act of the film. 

Once they figure out that challenge, the Marvels must work together to stop Kree leader Dar-Benn, who is played by Zawe Ashton.  Dar-Benn does some terrible things, but she's got understandable reasons for her actions.  It's a slightly under-written character, but she gets the job done. 

In addition to fighting Dar-Benn and saving the universe, Carol, Kamala, and Monica have their own relationship issues.  Kamala Khan is played by Iman Vellani, and the actress steals the whole movie.  Her unrestrained enthusiasm is infectious, particularly as she fan-girls over Carol.  However, her responses to the serious moments also hit home.  Carol Danvers (played by Brie Larson, of course) and Monical Lambeau (played by Tevonah Parris) are distant to each other at the outset, because of past tension.  If you know, you know.

That leads us to the biggest complaint about the movie:  It assumes that you already know these three characters well.  A viewer must have seen at least two out of these four movies/shows (Captain Marvel, WandaVision, Ms. Marvel, Secret Invasion) to really understand what's happening underneath the surface.  The Marvels tries to get you up to speed as much as possible, but it feels clunky at times.  However, you can still generally get the swing of things, even if you're starting from scratch.

There's a cameo that we won't reveal.  What we will say is that it's far too short, and it's clear that a lot is left unsaid in just a few minutes.  Hopefully that character will get more time to really make an impact in another adventure in the future.

One assumes that the end of the movie is intended to leave the door open for more multiverse stories.  Given that this is the MCU's overwhelming focus at the moment, we would expect nothing less.  There was also another appearance we weren't expecting, and as big fans of that character, it was a treat to see them also return, even briefly.

The Marvels is funny and engaging.  It got a raw deal from sad little trolls who are terrified from strong women, and from headlines that tried to make it sound like a box office bust.  The need for prior knowledge before viewing is a slight drawback.  However, as we said at the beginning, this was one of the best offerings Marvel has produced in recent memory.  If you want to watch strong women save the universe (while Nick Fury is busy herding cats), you should give it a shot.



The MarvelsThe Marvels is worth your time.  (pic via





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