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(Movie Review) Meet Cute

We haven't had much luck finding anything to watch on NBC's Peacock streaming service this year.  That's fine, because we're not paying extra for it as part of our cable package.  However, the trailer for Meet Cute seemed like it might be a mindlessly entertaining way to pass the time on a rainy afternoon.  After all, it stars Kaley Cuoco, whom we enjoyed in The Big Bang Theory and The Flight Attendant, as well as SNL alum Pete Davidson, who always seems oddly watchable, although we're still not sure if he's funny.  Besides, the movie is only 89 minutes long, which is a welcome break from the two+ hour marathons studios seem addicted to these days.  Sure, we'll give it a shot.  What could go wrong?


(Spoilers and a trigger warning ahead.)


Plot Summary:

Meet Cute begins with Sheila (Cuoco) and Gary (Davidson) meeting in a bar.  They seem to be remarkably in sync with each other's thoughts, given that this is a first-time encounter.  Except that it's not.  Sheila recently stumbled across a time machine which has allowed her to travel back in time and repeat this "first" date for a week straight.  Sheila is convinced that Gary is the man of her dreams.  However, she's addicted to repeating this specific evening, and that eventually drives her ideal night down a bad path. 



  • The movie feels like it's going for a Groundhog Day vibe, but it stumbles right out of the gate.  The humor is missing almost immediately because Cuoco and Davidson have little to no chemistry.  You're never rooting for this relationship to correct itself, because there's no reason to care if it survives. 


(Trigger warning:  Suicide discussion to follow:) 

  • It turns out that Sheila was suicidal the day she discovered the time machine.  The machine's current owner, a named June (played by the underused Deborah S. Craig) convinced Sheila to give it a shot and see if she could correct some mistakes of the past.  The depiction of Sheila's depression is thin, with little backstory.  Cuoco (who handled similar material beautifully in The Flight Attendant) comes across as a caricature of a psychotic woman who desperately needs to see a therapist.  She's obsessed with Gary, and the relationship feels unhealthy right from the start.


  • Meanwhile, Gary is a blob of a character, just taking up space on the screen.  He lost his dad when he was a kid, but like Sheila, there's little sense of the rest of his story, or why he's so emotionally fragile.  Pete Davidson is a nice enough presence on the screen, but he doesn't have the range to show more than a little interest in, or fear of, Sheila.  Literally anyone could have done this role.


  • The movie isn't subtle with its message about the danger of being stuck in one place for too long.  Sheila's mindset deteriorates the more she repeats this night with Gary.  There's some discussion of the relative value of trauma and how it can force personal growth, but again it's superficial, and the characters are too alienating to root for them to embrace the concept.


  • It's always best not to focus too much on the logistics of a time-travel movie, and that's especially true here.


  • Having a running time of just 89 minutes seemed like a strength at the start of this movie.  However, we were staring at the clock by the 60 minute mark, and the last 29 minutes were excruciating.  It was poorly-paced, the portrayal of Sheila's mental health issues was offensive by that point, and the ending could not have been less interesting or more nonsensical.



Final Thoughts:

Unless you have a need to see literally every Cuoco or Davidson performance, there is no reason to watch Meet Cute.  It's a terrible waste of time that feels like it warrants a refund, even if Peacock is already part of your cable package.  The sooner the movie is forgotten by the world, the better.


Meet Cute September 2022Meet Cute isn't worth a minute of your time.  (pic via




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