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Ncuti Gatwa is the New Doctor!

This was supposed to be a quiet day - enjoy some coffee, run a couple of errands, nothing crazy.  That was the plan.

However, those plans changed in a hurry with the announcement that Ncuti Gatwa will be Jodie Whittaker's successor on Doctor Who! 

After getting over the shock that this huge reveal came without any warning, we had just one question:  Who is Ncuti Gatwa?

We've since been informed that Gatwa stars in the Netflix show Sex EducationThe unanimous response we've gotten from everyone who has seen him perform boils down to this:

"Oh my god, he's fantastic!  You must watch Sex Education immediately!"  Even those friends who don't watch Doctor Who are excited to hear the news, which is a first.

Born in Rwanda, Gatwa was raised in Scotland.  Doctor Who does well with Scottish leads, so this is promising.  Gatwa is also the first Black actor to play the Doctor as the primary star (following Jo Martin's footsteps as the Fugitive Doctor.) 

This is the first time since Matt Smith that we don't know the incoming actor from previous roles.  It was fun to imagine how Peter Capaldi, Jodie Whittaker, and John Hurt for that matter, would play the Time Lord, based on their past work.  However, it's refreshing to start with a blank slate again.  Change is coming, and it's exciting.  We have all of the confidence in the world that returning showrunner Russell T. Davies knows what he wants to do with the 14th Doctor.  His excitement about Gatwa is palpable:

“The future is here and it’s Ncuti! Sometimes talent walks through the door and it’s so bright and bold and brilliant, I just stand back in awe and thank my lucky stars. Ncuti dazzled us, seized hold of the Doctor and owned those TARDIS keys in seconds. It’s an honour to work with him, and a hoot, I can’t wait to get started."

Of course, there's still the matter of Jodie Whittaker's finale this fall.  We want to give that its proper focus.  However, it's hard not to already wonder where the next Doctor's adventures will lead, and how Gatwa will make the iconic role his own, starting in 2023.

In the meantime, if you need us, we'll be binge-watching Sex Education!


Ncuti Gatwa 14th Doctor May 8 2022The 14th Doctor is on his way!  (pic via



For everyone else in a similar position to yours truly, let's check out two videos to get a quick sense of the new Doctor:

Ncuti Gatwa and Russell T. Davies discuss the big news:


The best of Ncuti Gatwa from Season One of Sex Education:

Snap judgment:  The man seems to have optimism and charisma pouring off of him, and a talent for both drama and comedy.  Sounds like the Doctor to us!  Here's to new adventures ahead in 2023!


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