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The "Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils" Trailer is Here!

The calendar says it's only been three months, but it feels like it's been ages since we saw the Doctor, Yaz, and Dan fight their way out of a Dalek time-loop in "Eve of the Daleks."  We've been anxiously counting the days until the arrival of the 13th Doctor's penultimate adventure,  which we know will arrive on Easter.  Now, we finally have a trailer to enjoy!



Here are the main things we're looking for out of "Legend of the Sea Devils" on April 17:


  • An update on the status of the universe.  As far as we can tell, most of it is still gone after the conclusion of the Flux adventure.  The Doctor and company didn't seem particularly concerned about it during "Eve of the Daleks," but we're willing to make an exception for a holiday story.  Now that we're back into the swing of things, hopefully the Time Lord has noticed she still has a large mess to fix before she regenerates.


  • The next step in the Thasmin storyline.  This came far too late for our liking, but the Doctor knows about Yaz's feelings for her, and she also knows time's running out for this pairing.  Does #13 end up giving a version of the speech #11 gave Rose in "School Reunion" about how humans can spend their entire lives with the Doctor, but the reverse isn't an option?  You know there will be heartbreak before this is all over.  Does it happen here or in the Doctor's final story this fall?


  • Not to rush through the episode before it's even begun, but how does it end?  It has to set up Jodie Whittaker's final battle this fall.  How do we get there?   There's an online rumor circulating that she'll actually start regenerating at the end of this episode.  That would give the show an opportunity to clean up a lot of loose ends in the finale, before Chris Chibnall and Whittaker turn things over to Russell T. Davies and the 14th Doctor. 


  • Of course, we're also hoping for a generally entertaining tale, and the trailer looks promising.  The visuals are gorgeous, pirate stories are always fun, and why has the Doctor changed her usual look?  (Also, is Dan dressed like that as some sort of punishment?)


That's what we'll be obsessing over until April 17.  Until then, we will continue watching the new trailer for Legend of the Sea Devils on repeat to pass the time. 


Doctor Who Legend of the Sea DevilsSee you on Easter!  (pic via



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