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Welcome back!  How are you?  We have to ask you to bear with us a little bit today.  I was only asleep for a little while last night before the howling wind woke me up and made sure I'd stay awake for a good while.  The pouring rain didn't help either, but at least we didn't lose power.  As a result, things are moving slowly around there this morning.  BDH and Little Buddha say the wind, which has slowed down a touch, is supposed to last until 5:00 tonight.  That's a drag. 

Of course, it won't stop me from the weekly trip to the bookstore to look for something new for the guys to read.  There are also a couple of other errands to take care of after that, but first, let's check out the headlines.  The guys made coffee, so grab yourself a nice medium DD, because it's time to clear out some Tuesday Clutter.

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' administration continues its naked assault on public health with the news that the state's Department of Health will advise against vaccinating healthy kids against the coronavirus.  This of course goes directly against guidance from the CDC and other health experts.  This decision will leave many kids vulnerable to getting sick and/or infecting the vulnerable populations around them, all so DeSantis can pursue the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.  Republicans will sacrifice 99% of the population without hesitation in order to serve the needs of the economic to 1%.  That's the only reason the GOP exists.

Governor Ron DeSantis March 8 2022Governor DeSantis will sacrifice anyone for his own political ambition.  (pic via

Don't forget to remind every Republican who claims to support Ukraine now that they all covered for Donald Trump when he tried to extort Ukraine in order to create a political hit job on Beau Biden.  Trump spent four years undermining NATO and kissing Vladimir Putin's boots, and his party protected him at every turn.

It's great to hear that Congress finally passed an anti-lynching bill yesterday and sent it to President Biden for his signature.  It never should have taken over 100 years for this to happen, but this vile act of hatred will finally be a federal crime with a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison. 

The U.S. Supreme Court will allow new redistricting maps in Pennsylvania and North Carolina to go into effect, which translates to two wins for Democrats.  The rulings had no explanations, but in a ominous sign, four conservative justices (Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh) indicated that they want to revisit the issue at a further date.  That can't be a good sign for democracy. 

It appears these justices want to limit the ability of state courts to weigh in on these maps.  That sounds to us sounds like, "If state legislatures want to racially discriminate, you can't stop them."  This shows yet again why Supreme Court nominations are the single most important issue in any presidential election.  The country has to live with these judges long after the president who nominated them has left the building.

The Supreme Court also refused to hear a bid to reinstate Bill Cosby's sexual assault conviction, so the predator will remain a free man.  Remember that this ruling has nothing to do with whether or not Cosby committed those heinous crimes.  It's a due process argument about whether the prosecutor at the time promised not to press charges against the comedian.

While all of this is going on, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas remains a walking conflict of interest.

We're saddened by the news that longtime New Hampshire state representative and social justice leader Renny Cushing died yesterday after a battle with prostate cancer.  Rep. Cushing was a friend of Mom Clutter's, and we will always be grateful for his passionate and inspired leadership in the eventually-successful battle to repeal the death penalty in the state.  Renny was 69 years old.  Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

A new study says even a mild coronavirus infection is associated with brain damage months later, so for the four millionth time, no, it's not just like the flu.  Get your shots folks, and even though government regulations increasingly say otherwise, still wearing your mask isn't a bad idea.  If you haven't already been infected, it's not considered inevitable that you will eventually, but that depends in a large part on you taking the right steps to protect yourself.

Yesterday was the first time we've had to buy gas since the most recent price spike.  That wasn't fun.  We're big fans of walking or taking public transportation whenever possible, so we only use the car when there's no other way to get to our destination.  Since we can't reduce our drive time, we'll take another look at this list of ways to save money on gas, and see if anything might be a good option for us.  Did you know certain days of the week have generally higher gas prices than other days?

MLB is now threatening to cancel another week of regular season games if a labor deal isn't reached by the end of the day today.  That will be a drag if it happens, but the union should hold steady.  If the owners give them an offer they like, fantastic.  If it's another bad-faith deal, the players should continue the fight.  Also, MLB now claims a full 162 game schedule could still happen if an agreement is struck tonight, so really, they're making up these threats as they go along.  This whole thing feels more like a union-busting attempt than anything else.  The last thing the MLB Players Association wants is to become as weak as their NFL counterparts who are regularly rolled over by their owners. 

The New England Patriots released linebacker Kyle Van Noy yesterday, thus clearing $4.1 million in cap space.  The 31-year-old Van Noy had a strong presence in his two stints with the team.  However, the Patriots defense needs to get younger, and Van Noy's release is likely just the start of a spring cleaning.

Some Boston sports radio talk show hosts have discussed whether or not the New England Patriots might try to trade for Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley this off-season.  Apparently that's off the table now, because Ridley has been suspended for at least the 2022 season for betting on NFL games last year.  That's unfortunate.  Ridley made the bets (which included putting money on the Falcons) over a five-day period while he was away from the team to address mental health issues.  He bet $1500 in total, and now it will cost him millions this year.  Ridley is the second NFL player since 2018 to be suspended for gambling, but as the league pushes betting harder, he likely won't be the last to be busted for it.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Richard Sherman pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges stemming from his arrest for drunk driving and causing a domestic disturbance at his in-laws' house last summer.  Sherman won't be looking at any more jail time, which feels like another case of the rich dealing with a different judicial system than the rest of  us.  However, we mostly hope he's gotten some help since that incident, because he seemed like a man unable to deal with the then-end of his NFL career.  Sherman played 11 games for Tampa Bay last season, but he will eventually have to retire for good at some point.  Will he be able to handle it?

Former Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston said he's not interested in returning for a rumored multi-Time Lord story that celebrates the program's 60th anniversary next year.  Apparently the 9th Doctor thinks these kinds of things are, "a bit of a cash-in, and a bit of exploitation."  He certainly has a right to his opinion, but we disagree with him here.  When spaced out properly, as these specials are, multi-Doctor stories are an entertaining treat for long-term fans who love to ponder the ramifications of Doctors working together.  It's hard to see how #9 would get his own TV special in the future, so we remain pleased he's at least doing new audio adventures with the good folks at Big Finish.

Hey now, season 2 of Russian Doll is coming to Netflix on April 20.  That's outstanding.  We loved the first season in 2019, but we don't remember thinking there was a natural opening for a sequel.  Still, we're more than happy to follow Natasha Lyonne on another adventure:

There have already been a few pandemic-based movies, and we're fine with not seeing any of them.  The real event has been traumatic enough, without having to relive it as a fictional story.  However, we'll make an exception for Judd Apatow's upcoming movie, The Bubble, which is a comedy about a group of actors trying to film a movie while living in, you guessed it, a bubble.  It has an all-star cast, including former Doctor Who companion/MCU star Karen Gillan, so sure, we'll give it a shot when it comes to Netflix in April:

Apparently Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx is still mad about Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder making a crack about his band in an interview a while back.  We agree, it was weird of Vedder to single out the Crüe by name at the time.  However, Sixx should probably find something new to talk about at this point, like the band breaking their "retirement" promise to tour again this summer, for example.

Okay kids, that's going to do it for now.  We still need some help getting moving, so here's Skid Row to close things out with an all-time favorite performance of, "Slave to the Grind" for today's, "Song of the Day."

That should do the trick.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  It was great to see you, as always.  Enjoy the rest of your day, be good, and we'll catch up with you again soon.  Until next time, that's today's Clearing out the Clutter, and we are outta here.


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