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Hi folks,

Welcome back!  How's your week going so far?  Things are generally okay on this end, but I'm trying to figure out how it's already the second half of November.  Didn't we just buy Halloween candy a couple of days ago?  Time seems to be picking up speed recently, and I'm not sure if that's good, bad, or neutral.  Thoughts?  BDH and Little Buddha think it's just because we've been pretty productive recently.  That works.   You ready to check out the headlines?  The guys made coffee, so grab yourself a nice medium DD, because it's time to clear out some Thursday Clutter.

The House voted 223-207 yesterday to censure Representative Paul Gosar, and remove him from his committee assignments, in response to his tweeting an edited video that showed him killing Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and attacking President Biden.  All but three Republicans (Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, and David Joyce) voted to defend Gosar's violent threat.  The GOP condones violence as a way of enforcing their extremist agenda on behalf of the minority of the country.  Representative Gosar should be looking at criminal charges and jail time.

Rep Gossar November 18 2021If Republicans had an ounce of dignity, Rep. Gossar would have been removed from office yesterday.  (pic via

On the offhand chance anyone thinks Rep. Gosar "learned his lesson" yesterday - after he was censured, Gosar retweeted the video that earned him the rebuke in the first place.  Also, do we want to discuss that the stated point of posting the clip in the first place was "youth outreach?"  Gosar has repeatedly associated with white nationalist groups over the years, and it appears he's trying to establish his own version of the Hitler Youth.  This man is a threat to his colleagues and the rest of the country.

The self-described "QAnon Shaman" was sentenced yesterday to 41 months in prison for his role in the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.  Trying to launch a coup against the government should get a longer sentence than 3+ years.  However, it's also a benchmark as the minimum sentence that Donald Trump and everyone who plotted this assault should receive for their efforts. 

Rupert Murdoch publicly criticized Donald Trump for being "focused on the past."   However, Murdoch's Fox News is fueling the MAGA extremism daily with right-wing propaganda.  His statement is so disconnected from reality, one wonders what audience the 90-year-old Murdoch is trying to reach.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance is moving to vacate the convictions of two of the men who were charged with killing Malcolm X in 1965, after admitted killer Thomas Hagan repeatedly said neither man had anything to do with the crime.  The federal government needed fall guys to cover up their own involvement in the civil rights leader's death, and Muhammad Aziz and Khalil Islam paid the price.

After a quiet summer, coronavirus cases are on the rise again in New England.  Winter already brings enough problems with flu season, so do what you have to do to stay healthy friends.  Get both vaccinations, get your booster if you're eligible, and let's all come out of this in one piece.

Florida Republicans continue to everything they can to spread the coronavirus in their state, as they passed a new anti-vaccine mandate bill yesterday.  We know someone who is watching all of this madness, and it's making Florida sound like an appealing state to move to for them.  That feels like a cry for help to us, but they're seemingly so far down the "Give me liberty or give me death" path, all we can do is keep our distance. has the worst passwords of 2021, and holy weak sauce, Batman.  Friends, please tell us none of you are using any of the top 20.  Even BDH and Little Buddha could guess them in under 30 seconds.  We won't ask you to out yourselves, but if you have any on that list, you have to change them immediately, or at least once we're done here, but do it soon.

Oh that's right, the New England Patriots face the Atlanta Falcons on the road tonight.  We may need to take a nap this afternoon.  The 6-4 Patriots are on a four-game winning streak.  They're undefeated on the road this year (4-0), and 5-0 against the Falcons during the Belichick era (including a certain Super Bowl.)  Playing on the road on a short week is a lift, but we like the Patriots to make it five straight wins, improve to 7-4 on the year, and take advantage of a mini-bye to prepare for the big challenge of the Tennessee Titans on November 28.

Justin Verlander is returning to the Houston Astros.  The right-hander, who is still recovering from Tommy John surgery, agreed to a one-year/$25 million deal with a conditional option for 2023.  The 33-year-old Verlander is one of the best pitchers of the past 20 years, so if he can successfully rebound in 2022, this could be a good deal for the Astros.  If he fails, it was a wise decision to limit the contract to one guaranteed year. 

The Staples Center in Los Angeles will be known as the Arena, as of Christmas. will pay $700 million over 20 years for the name change.  First, honest question - does anyone here think naming rights have any impact on a company's bottom line?  Do New England Patriots fans buy more Gillette products than they would if the team's stadium had a different name?  Second, what do we think the odds are that will still be in business/make it to the end of this contract?  The Clutter investment team still thinks cryptocurrency is a scam, and they put the odds of this deal actually lasting two decades at 20%. 

Tennis star Peng Shuai hasn't been seen since she accused a Chinese government official of sexual assault two weeks ago.  An email that was supposedly from her was released, but no one seems to believe it's legit.  The world needs real proof that Ms. Peng is okay.

Will Smith's new movie, King Richard comes out in theaters and on HBO Max tomorrow.  We were a little wary of why Venus and Serena Williams' father would be the focal point of a film, instead of the iconic sisters.  However, it turns out they produced the movie, and it's getting good reviews, so we'll have a look.

There are three episodes left to Doctor Who: Flux, and then Jodie Whittaker has three specials left in 2022.  The BBC just confirmed that her final special will be next autumn, so presumably that's when we'll at least get a peek at the next Doctor.  However, no word yet on when the 14th Doctor will start his/her own adventures, so we'll just have to stay focused on the current story for the time being. 

We've got the first trailer for Pam & Tommy, the new movie about Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's sex tape scandal in the 1990's.  Raise your hand if you watched that back in the day.  Liars. This looks like it could be a fun bit of brain candy, but it's only premiering on Hulu on February 2, so we'll need one of you to send us a review:

Hey Skid Row fans, you can now order your own bag of the band's officially licensed "Slave to the Grind" coffee.  Kind of surprising it took this long for them to do this.  We would almost be tempted to buy a bag, but they're $20 each.  If you do try it, send us a review at

Okay kids, that's going to do it for now.  Adele just released a video for her new single, "To Be Loved," for today's, "Song of the Day."

Gotta be honest- that is not what it sounds like when we're singing on our couch.  What an amazing talent.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  It was great to see you, as always.  Enjoy the rest of your day, be good, and we'll catch up with you again soon.  Until next time, that's today's Clearing out the Clutter, and we are outta here.


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