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Russell T. Davies Returning to Doctor Who!

As Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall prepare for their final Doctor Who series later this year, we've argued that finding the right showrunner to replace Chibnall is more important than identifying Whittaker's successor as the Doctor.  Chibnall seems to have little idea of who the 13th Doctor is, and where the show is going, which has resulted in a lot of drifting.  Well, BBC just corrected course with the bombshell announcement that Russell T. Davies is returning as the Doctor Who boss in 2023!  We had to double-check to make sure it wasn't a parody website, but it's legit!

Davies was of course the driving force behind the show's revival in 2005, as well as the creator of the Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures spin-offs.  He left in 2009, but he will be back to oversee the show's 60th anniversary celebration in 2023, as well as the Doctor's future adventures.  This is a shock, but it's terrific news.  Davies understands the Doctor well, and he's a fantastic storyteller.  We have the utmost confidence that he will make the right call when it comes to casting #14, and he probably already knows where he wants to take the next Time Lord.  We're also excited to see what he can do with a bigger production budget than he had during his first run.

The change isn't coming for a while, so we'll remain focused on the upcoming series, but the Doctor's future looks bright.


Russell T. Davies September 24 2021Russell T. Davies is coming back for another run!  (pic via


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