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Hi everyone,

Welcome back!  How are you?  Did you have a good weekend?  I had a nice time celebrating Father's Day with Dad Clutter last night.  We went out for dinner for the first time in 15 months, which was a real treat.  BDH and Little Buddha were just telling me about today's weather forecast.  It's already warm in here.  I admit, I might wuss out of this morning's bike ride.  There are a couple of errands on the to-do list, so those may count as today's exercise until we get to garden time later in the afternoon/evening. 

The good thing is that it's supposed to be cooler for the next few days, starting tomorrow, so maybe I'll water the garden tomorrow night.  Anyway, let's get to work.  The guys made coffee, so grab yourself a nice medium DD, because it's time to clear out some Monday Clutter.

It's infuriating to see that the less-vaccinated states in this country are looking at a potential rise in coronavirus variant cases this fall.  There's no excuse for this.  It's like standing in the railroad tracks, watching the slowly moving train heading right for you, and your local officials say, "Don't worry about that.  There's no need to move over just a few feet.  Everything will be fine."

The U.S. Senate is expected to take on the "For the People" voting protection bill tomorrow, and it is expected to fail, because not a single Senate Republican supports democracy.  However, it might be considered a win if Tuesday's partisan vote finally convinces Senator Joe Manchin to stop defending the filibuster at the expense of the future of the country.  The clock is ticking on Democrats.  They've got to be as aggressive about passing their legislative agenda as Mitch McConnell is about blocking it at every turn. 

Senator Joe Manchin June 21 2021Is Senator Manchin ready to stand up for the country yet?  (pic via

Former Representative Katie Hill says she's contemplating another run for Congress, after being forced out of office in 2019 following the revelation that she was involved with a campaign staffer.  Hill, who admitted she made a bad decision, says there's a double standard when it comes to these kinds of situations, citing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Representative Matt Gaetz as examples.

Billionaire Jeff Bezos is going to outer space in his private rocket ship on July 20, and thousands of people think he should stay there.  Signing petitions proposing Bezos be barred from coming back to Earth sounds like a funny idea.  However, we're wondering what happens to the names and email addresses that tens of thousands of folks just gave to  You know all of that data isn't going to just sit there collecting dust.

(By the way, BDH and Little Buddha want to remind you that you can subscribe to our site by clicking the option on the right-hand side of your screen.  They promise that we are the only ones who will use your email address.  The guys just like using every option to keep in touch with their friends!) has this article about a weird WiFi network which can wreak havoc on a person's iPhone.  The article then explains how to fix the problem, which is good.  However, it also seems pretty clear that the whole mess can be avoided if you just don't try to connect your phone to networks you don't recognize in the first place.

We applaud former baseball beat writer Kat O'Brien for having the courage to write about a player raping her in 2002.  O'Brien didn't name her attacker, but said she wrote the piece as part of the ongoing effort to address MLB's toxic culture towards women.

Today is MLB's first day with the new enforcement of the rules against putting illegal foreign substances on baseballs.  What do you think, folks?  Will we have any major scenes this week?  Will there be a slowdown in the pace of play, which is one of the last things the sport needs?  Or will things go smoothly, with perhaps a few pitchers getting lit up like firecrackers?

The Boston Red Sox lost 7-3 to the Kansas City Royals yesterday.  That means they lost the weekend series, which is disappointing, because Boston really should have taken at least two out of three games.  Red Sox starter Nate Eovaldi only lasted four innings, and he gave up four runs along the way.  However, his teammates didn't help him out at all, as some sloppy defense led to four Kansas City runs.  The Sox also took a few hits, with Christian Arroyo (bone bruise) and Kevin Plawecki (hamstring tightness) being forced to leave the game.  The Sox have today off, but they start a critical three-game series against the Tampa Bay Rays tomorrow.  Boston currently has a half-game lead over Tampa Bay in the AL East, so the starting rotation needs to step up and keep the Rays in check.

Sorry we're a little late on this one, but we like last Friday's deal that saw the Boston Celtics trade Kemba Walker and two draft picks to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Al Horford, Moses Brown, and a draft pick.  First, the move saves the Celtics $20 million ($73 million owed to Walker vs. $53 million owed to Horford.)  Second, even if Horford isn't 100% the player he used to be, he'll still be able to give the Celtics more than Walker, who has a chronic knee issue and could never stay healthy for extended periods of time.  It sounds like Moses Brown was mostly included to make the money work, so if he gives the Celtics anything useful next season, that will be a bonus.  All in all, it's a solid start to the Brad Stevens regime.  Now that the first deal is out of the way, we can go back to the biggest question:  Who is going to coach this team?

Congratulations to the Atlanta Hawks, who beat the Philadelphia 76ers 103-96 yesterday to advance to the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.  It's only the second time the Hawks have gone this far in the playoffs in over 50 years.  They'll face the Milwaukee Bucks, who just knocked out the Brooklyn Nets, so really, we're happy for whichever team makes it to the Finals.

BDH and Little Buddha hate to interrupt, but they just found this video of two otters responding to a popcorn maker, and our crew is pretty sure this will be one of the best things you will see all week:

Uh oh, now the guys want to know if we can get pet otters.

Will Smith will release his autobiography on November 9.  BDH and Little Buddha think that might be an interesting book to review.  Their sense is that the actor/musician has an interesting story to tell, although they wonder if he'll be guarded about it.

Peter Jackson's extensive documentary about the Beatles finally has a release date.  The six-hour special will be released in three installments November 25-27 on Disney+, so you've got options if you don't want to watch football or talk politics with your relatives.

We've read a number of reviews about the new AMC series Kevin Can F**k Himself, which makes fun of terrible and mindless sitcoms, and most of the critics say the same thing:  The show has a fantastic premise, but the execution ranges somewhere between "so-so" and "god-awful."  Has anyone here seen it?

Okay kids, that's going to do it for now.  Let's kick off the week with a little attitude and have Demi Lovato close things out with, "Cool for the Summer" for today's, "Song of the Day."

Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  It was great to see you, as always.  Enjoy the rest of your day, stay cool, and we'll catch up with you again soon.  Until next time, that's today's Clearing out the Clutter, and we are outta here.


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