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Mammoth WVH Announces Tour Dates

It's all coming together for Wolf Van Halen and his Mammoth WVH solo project.  The talented musician released one of the best rock albums in years a few weeks ago, and now he and his new bandmates are rehearsing as they get ready to ht the road with the legendary Guns N' Roses.  Mammoth WVH just announced their tour dates from July 31 through October 3.  As you might expect, the Guns N' Roses tour will be a busy one this summer and fall, but the most interesting thing is that Mammoth WVH will also be headlining a handful of separate shows over that time.

Wolf is no stranger to big tours, having played with his legendary father Eddie Van Halen, uncle Alex Van Halen, and David Lee Roth in Van Halen's final years.  He demonstrated with his new album that he's got his own musical vision, which is an exciting blend of hard rock and heavy metal with a dash of pop sensibilities.  Mammoth WVH's debut record also confirms that he's an outstanding drummer, guitarist, vocalist and bass player.  The only thing left now is to find out how well he handles the spotlight as the front man for his band.  There have been a handful of intimate performances on various TV shows so far, but what about when he takes center stage in front of an audience of thousands?

Considering how well he's done at everything else so far, our money says he's about to crush it.

(You can buy tickets to all of the shows at MammothWVH.com, and the headlining shows go on sale on July 1.)


Mammoth WVH Cover February 12 2021Get ready for Mammoth WVH to rock live!  (pic via ultimateclassicrock.com)






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