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First Look at a New Anthony Bourdain Documentary

A number of celebrities we enjoy here have passed away in the last couple of years, and one of the biggest losses is that of chef/author/TV star Anthony Bourdain, who died from suicide in 2018.  From a personal perspective, not having the opportunity to read more of his writing is a huge blow.  Bourdain's storytelling left us spellbound time and time again.  Whether he was talking about cooking, restaurants, travel, or his own personal history (warts and all), it was always the same result - we wished the book had another 300 pages.  Of course, even that wouldn't have been enough.  Bourdain's passion poured through on every page, as did his appreciation of the world around him, and his complete lack of patience for those he considered frauds.

No one has filled that gap since Bourdain died three years ago.  Maybe it's too high of a standard to expect anyone else to meet.  Perhaps all we can do is appreciate having had the opportunity to read what he wrote and then savor the memory.  What is for sure is that we will be watching the upcoming documentary, Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain, which comes out on July 16.  Directed by Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville, there's no way we'll miss an opportunity to see this behind-the-scenes look at a fascinating man who left us all way too soon.



Anthony Bourdain June 3 2021A true original.  (pic via


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