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Hear Nancy Wilson's Touching Tribute to Eddie Van Halen

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Nancy Wilson is a guitar legend in her own right, blazing a path of hard rock glory with sister Ann and the band Heart since the 1970's.  Her first solo album, called You and Me, will be out on May 7, and it includes a tribute to the late great Eddie Van Halen. 

We were intrigued when we first heard Wilson mention this piece in interviews a few months ago, because she and the guitar icon aren't usually grouped together, with Wilson playing a perhaps more straight-forward blues-based style than Eddie.  However, there's no disputing she can wail with the best of them, so we wanted to hear the end result, and now we've got it.

The tribute is an acoustic number, called "4 Edward," and it's terrific.  We hear hints of "Jump," "Dreams," and a little "Spanish Fly," but the entire tune evokes a happy party vibe that is a fitting tribute to the guitar wizard.  It's distinctly Wilson, but it's also not hard to imagine this clip coming from an acoustic Eddie guitar solo, which makes it the best of both worlds.  Check it out:



Nancy-Wilson-Eddie-Van Halen April 16 2021A fitting celebration.  (pic via


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