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Check out Mammoth WVH's New Single: "Feel"

As Mammoth WVH fans continue to eagerly wait for the band's first album to come out on June 11, Wolf Van Halen just released a video for the next single, called "Feel."  It's another hard rock winner for the talented musician who continues to demonstrate his own musical identity outside of his legendary family. 

The other songs we've heard so far reminded us of Tool or Alter Bridge, but "Feel" brings a Mötley Crüe vibe to it with a slightly menacing tone combined with a catchy melody.   It's a tight number and yet another reminder of Wolf's versatility, as he played every instrument on the record, in addition to doing the vocals. 

Some may have felt that following his father's career path was a risky move, considering that Eddie Van Halen is a guitar icon.  However, it's clear that Wolf Van Halen is ready to tell his own story.  We're looking forward to hearing the whole album!

Have a listen:



Wolf Van Halen April 23 2021Wolf Van Halen is just getting started.  (pic via


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