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2020 Best of Clearing out the Clutter

Hi friends,

We're finally heading towards the back half of December 2020!  Wasn't 100% sure we were going to make it at times, but we're still standing, and this disaster of a year is coming to close.  Give yourselves a round of applause, everybody.  As 2020 winds down, our crew would once again like to say thank you so much for spending time with us.  It's an honor to hang out with you for a few minutes every day, and we never take it for granted.

The nice folks at Google tell us that we once again had visitors from almost everywhere on the planet in 2020.  (We'll get you eventually, Greenland.)  That's amazing, to the point of almost being overwhelming, so we continue to try to think of Clutter as a daily chat in our living room with a small group of friends.  However, that's also why we sold t-shirts this year to make sure we could afford coffee for everyone!  The store will be back in February, so stay tuned.

We hope you enjoyed our time together as much as we did.  I know, it all sort of seems like a blur right now, but BDH and Little Buddha worked hard to keep you hopefully both informed and entertained, so they are excited to look back at some of the site's highlights over the last 12 months. 

What follows is a mix of some personal favorite posts, and/or some that clearly struck a chord with you.  Add them all together, and you get the 2020 Best of Clearing out the Clutter:


A Call to Action     (2/6/20)

(Review) Doctor Who:  The Timeless Children    (3/2/20)

(Book Review) Doctor Who:  At Childhood's End    (3/24/20)

(Book Review) Nothing General About It     (5/28/20)

(Movie Review) Da 5 Bloods    (6/12/20)

In Defense of Donald Trump('s Hands)    (6/14/20)

(Book Review) White Fragility    (6/24/20)

(Book Review) Too Much and Never Enough    (7/14/20)

(Guest Post) The Road to Understanding    (7/22/20)

(Book Review) The Things They Carried     (8/16/20)

Man in Motion Math    (8/23/20)

(Book Review) Under the Black Hat    (8/26/20)

Thoughts on the NBA Strike    (8/28/20)

(Book Review) The End of Policing    (8/30/20)

Saturday Clutter:  Honoring Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg    (9/19/20)

(Book Review) The Invention of Sound    (9/30/20)

Thank You, Eddie Van Halen    (10/6/20)

(Review) David Tennant Does a Podcast With...Neil Gaiman    (10/15/20)

Did You Ever Hear About the Time Bruce Springsteen Covered Van Halen?    (10/23/20)

We've Got a T-Shirt!    (11/2/20)

Wolfgang Van Halen Releases Solo Debut Single "Distance"    (11/26/20)

(Review) Belushi    (12/5/20)


That was fun.  Now let's get ready to put 2020 in the rear-view mirror and hopefully enjoy a much more optimistic story in the year to come.   Whatever 2021 brings, we're excited to discuss it with all of you over a nice cup of coffee.  Cheers!


BDH  Little Buddha  Red Sox Ball"Thanks for coming!  See you again soon!"  (pic via Clearing out the Clutter)


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