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Hi everyone,

Welcome back!  How is your weekend going so far?  Our crew had a big day yesterday.  First, we mailed all of the GOTV letters that BDH and Little Buddha wrote to voters in Georgia and Florida.  After that, it was time to vote early.  The line was long, but it moved pretty quickly.  The problem was that Boston apparently didn't mail a lot of general election ballots early as requested.  As a result, people (like yours truly) who didn't get their ballot had to go through two lines.  That second line clogged up the voting space, so there were a number of confused people standing next to each other in a crowded space for a while, which felt like it sort missed the point of voting early. 

However, we eventually got it all straightened out and cast our ballot.  The guys love participating in democracy.  They also love making coffee.  There's a fresh pot on the counter, so grab yourself a nice medium DD, because it's time to clear out some Sunday Clutter.

Donald Trump says he may leave the country if he loses.  Let's be clear, that's no joke.  The man has kept much of his legal problems at bay over the last three years because he's corrupted the concept of "presidential immunity."  All of that disappears the minute he leaves the White House.  Prosecutors looking into his alleged criminal activities should have a plan in place to keep him from fleeing the United States after the election if they actually want him to stand trial.

Donald Trump October 18 2020Ready to run from the law.  (pic via

Michigan Governor Gretchen Widmer was the target of a kidnapping plot by domestic terrorists who support Donald Trump.  His response was to criticize her for not thanking him for foiling the plot, and last night, he led chants of "lock her up" during a rally.  He's already trying to excuse another debate meltdown on the 22nd by criticizing moderator Kristen Welker.   Trump seems determined to drive away every last female supporter with just weeks to go before November 3.  That's an odd re-election strategy, even for a misogynist.  Maybe his coronavirus meds have him in such a manic state he just can't keep his mouth shut to hide how much he loathes women.

Of course, Saturday Night Live weighed in on Joe Biden and Donald Trump's town hall events this week:

It's been a little while now, but we are not feeling Jim Carrey's impression of Joe Biden at all.  It feels like any other Carrey character, but just with a different wig.  What do you think of it?  Also, are SNL cold opens getting longer this year?

In the most predictable story of the week, Donald Trump had a Twitter tantrum against Senator Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska)  after audio leaked of Sasse trashing Trump during a phone call with constituents.  Republicans see Trump heading off the cliff, and they've decided to finally jump out of the car to save themselves.  At the end of the day, Senator Sasse decided that Trump's failings didn't bother him enough to vote to convict Trump during his impeachment trial, so it's not like he showed any courage here.  Trump and Republicans used each other for four years, and now they're heading for divorce.  No one should get involved with either of them when it's over.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been blocking coronavirus aid efforts for months, and now he's putting two bills on the table this week that will both likely fail so that he can pretend that Republicans care about people who are suffering.  It's a cynical last-ditch effort to save the Republican Senate majority.

Senator David Perdue (R-Georgia) wants to pretend his mocking of Kamala Harris' first name on Friday wasn't blatantly racist.  Anyone who who watches the tape can see he's lying.  It was an attempt to make her seem like an outsider because of a "different-sounding" name, a move which is familiar to people of color.  Georgia voters have the opportunity to send this fool packing by voting for his opponent Jon Ossof.

Don't let this get buried:  Representative Joe Kennedy admits his campaign illegally spent $1.5 million during his primary challenge against Senator Ed Markey.  That's a blatant crime, that Kennedy said he took responsibility for, right before he blamed his campaign manager and treasurer.  What would have happened if Kennedy won the primary?  He'd just win the Senate seat by breaking the law and suffer no consequence?  Perhaps it's time he consider taking a break from the family business for a while.  

Is it really too much to ask why dozens of Massachusetts State Police troopers who have broken the law are still on the job? 

The major carriers are offering big incentives to get people to trade in their old iPhones for the latest model.  We'll be sticking with ours for the foreseeable future, but if you're looking to upgrade, it makes sense to at least look at these deals.

Scientists have now established the concept of a zeptosecond, which is a is a trillionth of a billionth of a second.  We can't process that either.

Let's see, the New England Patriots placed running back Sony Michel, guard Shaq Mason, and defensive end Derek Rivers on the COVID-19 reserve list yesterday, but it appears that today's game against the Denver Broncos is still happening.  Cam Newton and Stephon Gilmore are both expected to play for New England today, so even with the current revolving door of players coming through Foxbororo, we'll take the Patriots to beat the Broncos at home this afternoon.  That's assuming the game actually takes place, of course.  At this point, nothing is a given about the NFL schedule until kick-off. 

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays for beating the Houston Astros 4-2 last night to advance to the World Series.  We were wondering if the Rays were going to blow a 3-0 lead in the ALCS.  Fortunately, they didn't quit, and now we don't have to worry about the possibility of the Astros winning it all.  Those insufferable cheaters had no business even catching a sniff of the World Series this year, and if fans are allowed in the stands in 2021, they'll hopefully finally give it to these guys without mercy.  Now, the Rays will face either the Atlanta Braves or Los Angeles Dodgers, and apart from being a little ill at the idea of Mookie Betts winning it all with the Dodgers, we don't really care who ends up standing tall at the end of this year's "season."

Clutter favorite / former Doctor Who star David Tennant knows it's funny he ended up marrying the daughter of another former Doctor, but Georgia Moffett seems to be good for him, so it appears everything worked out in the end.

We're not really following the feud between the cast members of the original Charmed and the reboot closely.  However, we have to ask, is this all leading to an eventual TV cross-over event between the two shows?  The whole thing has a WWE vibe to it.

The new Tom Petty boxed set Wildflowers & All the Rest is getting glowing reviews.  It sounds like a real treat for Petty fans, so that may be something to consider for your holiday shopping this year.

We're still sad about the recent passing of legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen, but thanks to the power of the Internet, we have access to a top-quality recording of Van Halen's final concert in 2015.  That page is already bookmarked.  We watched a little bit of the video last night, and it was the same thing we thought when we saw them during that tour - whatever your feelings about David Lee Roth, everyone with the Van Halen surname sounded great.  It's such a loss that there won't be anymore performances, but we remain hopeful that Eddie's family will eventually release some previously-unheard recordings in the future.

Okay kids, that's going to do it for now.  Here's 2Pac to close things out with, "Changes," for today's, "Song of the Day."

Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  It was great to see you, as always.  Enjoy the rest of your day, wear your masks, and we'll catch up with you again soon.  Until next time, that's today's Clearing out the Clutter, and we are outta here.


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