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Thoughts on the NBA Strike

This was originally a post on my personal Facebook page, but it feels like it deserves its own space here.


A few thoughts while I watch the predictable push-back come in regarding today's Clearing out the Clutter post about the NBA players' actions Wednesday night.
Some are arguing that the players should speak out "the right way," which translates into one that causes minimal to no disruption of everyday life. That misses the entire point. Strikes and protests are designed to disrupt the status quo to highlight problems and force change. In this case, we're talking about a status quo where a police officer shoots a man in the back seven times because he's black. The NBA players believe that's a more important issue than playing a game. I applaud them for taking a stand and hope other athletes will join their ranks.
There are others who are claiming that they'll never watch the NBA again, because (check notes) players are speaking out against a status quo where a police officer shoots a man in the back seven times for being black. Let's be honest, these folks don't "really" think all lives matter.
I also have no interest in a society that believes employers deserve complete submissiveness. Corporations make their fortunes on the back of labor who is at an economic disadvantage compared to the people who pay them. The elite then use every tool at their disposal to maintain, if not expand, that disparity. That includes the establishment of a police state which has nothing to do with public safety for all. It's about enforcing a racial and class hierarchy that benefits the top 1% and leads to situations where anyone could possibly attempt to justify a police officer shooting a man seven times in the back because he's black.
Rather than say NBA players should quit their jobs to speak out, because that's what employees in other fields would have to do, I'm much more interested in strengthening the ability of everyone to speak out against racial discrimination without fear of retribution from their bosses. Let's create a society that comes anywhere near matching this country's empty rhetoric of liberty and justice for all, instead of one where a police officer shoots a man seven times in the back for being black.
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