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Wednesday Clutter: Coronavirus, Department of Justice, Joe Biden, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, David Ortiz, Baseball Returns, Mel Gibson, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Eric Clapton, and more

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Welcome back!  How are you?  We were all just staring out the window and wondering when the rain will start.  This better not be another one of those days where there's a 40-65% chance over the next eight hours and then nothing happens.  The garden needs some help, Mother Nature.  I'm more than willing to sacrifice today's bike ride if we can get a good soaking.  Fingers crossed on that one.  Let's check out the headlines.  BDH and Little Buddha made a fresh pot of coffee, so grab yourself a nice medium DD, because it's time to clear out some Wednesday Clutter.

The latest coronavirus numbers aren't good, as states like Texas, Arizona, Florida, and California continue to see a surge in cases.  Wear your masks and keep your distance, friends.  This isn't a political argument.  It's a recognition that these are the only reality-based ways of reducing the spread of a virus for which we still currently have neither a vaccine nor a cure.  Over 123,000 people in this country have died from this thing, and we're on track to top 200,000.  We have to do whatever we can to slow the virus down, and right now, those are our only two options. 

Department of Justice prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky is expected to tell lawmakers today that the DOJ's handling of Roger Stone's case was politically influenced by Stone's connection to Donald Trump.  The DOJ has already started attacking Zelinsky, saying that he had no conversations with Attorney General William Barr or the U.S. Attorney about the Stone case and his comments are his interpretation of events.  Given the way Barr and company have consistently undermined the rule of law in order to protect Trump, it's easy to support Zelinsky's take on the department's actions.

Joe Biden now leads Donald Trump 50-36% in a new national poll.  As Biden becomes the clear front-runner, he should use Trump's increasing desperation to his advantage and say there will be no debates until Trump releases his taxes.

Congratulations to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who solidly won her Democratic primary against former CNBC reporter Michelle Caruso-Cabrera with 72.6% of the vote last night.  There were significant differences between the progressive incumbent and corporate-backed Caruso-Cabrera, and the voters of New York's 14th Congressional District made their preference clear.  Representative Ocasio-Cortez has become a major figure and strong progressive leader on many issues in Washington after only one term, and it's evident that she's just getting started.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez June 24 2020Representative Ocasio-Cortez's stature continues to grow.  (pic via cnn.com)

Meanwhile, it appears that Jamaal Bowman will defeat Representative Eliot Engel in the Democratic primary for New York's 16th Congressional District.  It may take another week to finalize the results, due to a heavy volume of absentee ballots, but Bowman is leading Engel roughly 61% to 35.5% at the moment.  If Bowman holds on, it's another major progressive win, especially as a first-time candidate who would be defeating the current chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. 

Amy McGrath is currently leading Charles Booker in Kentucky Democratic primary to challenge Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  Final results in that race are also expected next week.

Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu released a large volume of documents regarding the Boston Police Department's budget yesterday.  The data provides more evidence that resources need to be diverted from things like arming police with military-grade weapons, to spending them on tools which can actually help strengthen and protect communities, like public health programs, teachers, and social workers.

David Ortiz is having legal problems with the mother of one of his children who lives in the Dominican Republic, and it looks like an ugly situation.  As the home of the Big Papi News Desk, we admit not being excited about writing about this.  However, the fact is that Fary Almanzar Fernandez successfully had a restraining order issued against Ortiz, accusing him of intimidation and threats.  Ortiz has since had a similar issued against Fernandez in response, saying this is a dispute over money, but his denials of claims of inappropriate behavior don't ring true to us.  Frankly, they sound like a celebrity counting on his public persona to discredit his accuser.  Between this and last year's shooting (which vanished off the radar in a flash), one suspects there's still a lot that we don't know about the former Red Sox slugger.

It looks like we're doing baseball.  The MLB Players Association agreed to the terms laid out by the owners last night, so get ready for a 60-game season (depending on health and safety concerns) that has the players reporting to camp on July 1, with the season starting on July 23 or 24.  We'd love to see some games.  However, there's just no reason to think this is going to go well, especially in light of the worsening pandemic numbers as we've reopened economies, and the fact that multiple teams are already dealing with outbreaks.  The optimistic betting line is that they'll make it through 30.5 games before they have to shut things down again.  Will you take the over or  under on that one?

Meanwhile, Dr. Fauci warns it's "impossible" to say right now whether or not NFL games should be played.  What are we doing here?  We're going to re-set the MLB over/under to 20.5 games.

The walking disaster that is Antonio Brown is reportedly still getting interest from the Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens, while Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned because of claims he'd "be a distraction."

Amazon is reportedly considering adding live TV options to its Prime Video service.  Details are sparse at the moment, but consider us intrigued.

Mel Gibson denies that Winona Ryder's story about him making anti-Semitic and homophobic comments during a conversation with her and some of her friends in 1996 ever happened.   The actress stands by her account, and given Gibson's atrocious history in this area, we'll stick with Ryder.  The fact that Gibson is still able to get work is an indictment of Hollywood's moral failings.

Britney Spears has a terrific Instagram post in support of Pride Month.

Actor Terry Crews says Brooklyn Nine-Nine had to scrap the first four episodes of the upcoming season after the murder of George Floyd.  We're curious to see how recent events impact scripted police TV programs when they are able to resume production.  Will shows like Law & Order: SVU and Chicago P.D. be able to adapt, or will they try to pretend that nothing has changed?  Either way, how will audiences react?

Is season 2 of The Boys coming soon?  If you haven't seen the Amazon series, it's based on a comic book where superheroes are the bad guys, and it's fantastic. 

After a 10-year hiatus, Unsolved Mysteries is being rebooted on Netflix.  The original program ran from 1987-2010.  It seemed original 30 years ago, but now there are a thousand channels running shows like this.  Will you watch?  In any case, here's the first trailer:

Okay kids, that's going to do it for now.  Let's close things out with something summing up our mood here at the moment.  We give you Eric Clapton with a live version of, "Let It Rain," for today's, "Song of the Day."

Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  It's always a treat to see you.  Be good, stay safe, and we'll catch up with you again soon.  Until next time, that's today's Clearing out the Clutter, and we are outta here.


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