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Peter Capaldi Will Break Your Heart in This Video

We were just roaming around on the Internet, looking for any sign of a new story about the upcoming season of Doctor Who.  Unfortunately, all's quiet at the moment, apart from a couple of early publicity shots.  Our travels eventually lead us to an article about Lewis Capaldi, the 22 year-old Scottish singer-songwriter, who is some relation to the 12th Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi.  (It sounds like they're third cousins twice removed, or something like that.)  A few more clicks later, and we landed on this video for Lewis Capaldi's song, "Someone You Loved," which features his famous relative.

Capaldi plays the role of a widower whose late wife's heart was donated after her death.  As you watch the story unfold, you see him dealing with love and loss (the weariness on his face is draining to watch), and he's fantastic with a little kid.  Here is where we admit to being biased in favor of the song in the first two seconds, but really, this is Peter Capaldi at his best.  It's the same intensity and kindness he brought to the role as the Doctor, and it's a treat to see him in action again.  We'll add this to the list of things we want to talk to him about in August.

Warning:  If you don't get at least a little choked up while watching this video, you should see a doctor, because you're probably dead.


Peter Capaldi June 14 2019Peter Capaldi delivers yet another moving performance.  (pic via


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