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(Review) David Tennant Does a Podcast With...Everyone

David Tennant marked the completion of his first podcast season with one final release.  David Tennant Does a Podcast With...Everyone is a 40-minute collection of previously unheard outtakes from his conversations with different guests this year.  That list includes Olivia Colman, Michael Sheen, James Corden, Catherine Tate, Jon Hamm, Gordon Brown, Samantha Bee, and Whoopi Goldberg.  It's a quick bit of fun, as well as a sort of a "greatest hits" type episode which makes for a good series introduction for any Tennant fans who haven't heard the show before now.

We admit that the former Doctor Who and Broadchurch star (not to mention the upcoming Good Omens series) can do no wrong around here.  However, with that bias aside, David Tennant has a lovely and relaxed approach to interviewing which encourages his guests to open up.  You can hear his enthusiasm pouring through, regardless of the topic:


  • You'll hear Olivia Colman, James Corden, and Catherine Tate talk about the struggle to balance their personal and professional lives. 


  • Michael Sheen discusses the importance of navigating fear in both acting and "the real world." 


  • Jon Hamm doesn't care for Twitter, or social media in general, at all.


  • Jodie Whittaker discusses how she got Chris Chibnall to first start thinking of her as a candidate to play the 13th Doctor.


  • Former Prime Minister Brown opines about doing the right thing vs the popular thing as an elected official, and what he wishes he'd done differently during the last financial crisis. 


  • Samantha Bee talks about asking powerful people challenging questions and what it means when they don't like the results of the interview.


  • Whoopi Goldberg discusses what it means to have opinions about the world and how she feels when people disagree with her.


Each clip is a nice tease of David Tennant's full conversations with these people earlier this year, and as a bonus, his wife Georgia Tennant joins him for the linking bits introducing each guest. 

Every David Tennant fan will enjoy his podcasts.  The only problem with the first season is that it's too short.  If you haven't already been listening, this episode will let you dip your toe in the water, but trust us, you'll want to dive right in.  Not sure what the plans are regarding a second season, but we hope he'll be back for more chats soon.


David Tennant Does A Podcast With Everyone May 24 2019David Tennant scores a hit with his podcast series.  (pic via


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