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Peter Capaldi Is Coming To Boston!

We don't know a lot about comic conventions around here.  We went to a handful of Doctor Who conventions in the early 1980's, but that's it.  There have been a few Doctor Who stars who have appeared at shows in the region in recent years, but either we couldn't get it together to buy tickets in time, or they weren't people we needed to meet.  However, that all changes this year.  Come August, we're going to meet the 12th Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi!

Peter Capaldi will be attending the 2019 Fan Expo Boston, and we've already got our tickets!  In fact, it's possible we pulled a hamstring running to grab our credit card to complete the order.  It's an injury we're happy to endure in order to attend this event.  Capaldi is our second-favorite Doctor of the modern era (behind David Tennant) and third favorite overall (behind Tom Baker.)  We'll argue that his second season as the Doctor was as close to perfect as the series can get, particularly the breathtaking final three episodes (Face the Raven, Heaven Sent, and Hell Bent.) 

The Scottish actor was also brilliant as Malcolm Tucker in the political satire, The Thick of It.  Doctor Who and politics are two of our favorite subjects at Clutter Headquarters, so this opportunity to meet the actor is high on the bucket list.  We also assume there will be all sorts of Doctor Who memorabilia we wouldn't be able to find anywhere else.  We should start saving up now so we can make the most of the day. 

Of course, we'll have a full recap here after the adrenaline wears off.  Christmas comes in August this year!


Peter Capaldi May 4 2019Doctor Who is coming to town!  (pic via


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