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Check out the Emotional New Tom Petty Video

We still feel ripped off by the universe that Tom Petty was taken away prematurely.  The musician was only 66 years old when he died from an accidental overdose in 2017.  Petty was a master of the straight-forward folk rock.  His songs were the musical equivalent of comfort food, and he should have been around much longer to make new music.  It's unfair, but at least his estate is digging into his archives to mitigate some of that loss.  The latest release is a tune called, "For Real." 

The previously unreleased song was recorded in 2000, and this video was recently put together by Petty's daughter Adria, who has directed videos for a number of artists.  "For Real" is a quiet little retrospective number that sounds like something Tom Petty might have released if he'd had the opportunity to do a retirement tour.   It's a treat to hear that voice again for another four minutes.

Adria Petty talks in this Rolling Stone interview about the legal fights over her dad's estate.  The conflict is a sadly predictable tale, but Adria seems optimistic that the parties will eventually find a way to come together and continue to recognize Tom Petty's place in music history with more releases in the future.  If this adventure can't go forward any further, at least we can look back and continue to enjoy the terrific journey that got us here.



Tom Petty May 9 2019An American classic.  (pic via




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