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(Recap) A Million Little Things Episode 17: "Goodbye"

Hi everyone,

Welcome back!  It's time, folks.  The season finale is here.  Will we finally get an answer to the Barbara Morgan mystery?  Yes, yes we will.  However, there's another, perhaps bigger, secret to discuss.  Actually, there's a lot packed into this episode, so let's get down to it.

Warning: Spoilers ahead



  • Gary gets the final opening voice-over of the season.  That makes sense - in some ways, he feels like the narrator of this show.  He's spent the season looking after all of his friends since Jon's death, so he should get the last intro.


  • Eddie and Maggie are swapping places.  That's got to be the easiest apartment move that's ever happened in Boston's history.


  • So Rome stayed in touch with PJ, the depressed kid who found his script in the hospital last week.  That's interesting.  Will Rome become a father figure to the kid?


  • Delilah's baby is due in four weeks?  Does that math hold up?  Wasn't she the one who took a pregnancy test in the early weeks of the show?  Feels like we shaved off a couple of months here, but that might also be because Delilah only started looking pregnant about two weeks ago.


  • It's touching that the Dixon family gave the rest of the group some of Jon's prized possessions.  It's a nice gesture that clearly means a lot to everyone.



  • Regina and Rome are going for a test drive, but people who have been with us all season know what we were focusing on during this scene:  Everything is blue.  If we had to describe A Million Little Things in one word, that word would be "blue."  This may be the season finale, but we're not done with this yet. 


  • Sophie asks Delilah why she doesn't want to meet Barbara Morgan (assuming that's who this woman is), and Delilah responds, "I feel like every time we search for answers, we just get more questions," which makes her sound like every fan of this show.


  • Ladies and gentlemen, we have confirmation - Drea de Matteo is Barbara Morgan!  Now that this secret is out - who the hell is Barbara Morgan?


  • Our initial hunch last week was right - Katherine doesn't want to get divorced, and she didn't file the papers.  She and Eddie have had good chemistry over the last couple of weeks, so this seems great, but no one on this show is allowed to be happy for more than 10 minutes.  Eddie's kid with Delilah is going to wreck this at some point.  Actually, that baby is going to blow up the entire group again, but hey, that's an issue for season 2.


  • Gary's rubbing his lucky Boston Bruins hat while he and Maggie wait for her results, harking back to last week's discussion of faith. 


  • Gary and Maggie break into hysterical laughter after finding out she's in remission.  That struck a chord because we had the same reaction after the New England Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game this year.  The whole thing was so stressful, there was involuntary laughter for about 15 minutes after it was over.  Sometimes that's just all you can do, and it never hurts to let out a good laugh.


  • Hey, where's Gary's dog?  We want one more peek at Colin before the season ends.  He still got to be our favorite character, followed by Rome.


  • Maggie pulls out her R.E.M. "Out of Time" album, but it looks like she's still got more of her story to tell for a while.


  • Can we just point out how blue Barbara Morgan's house is?  Just saying.


  • Where have we seen Barbara's husband Mitch before?  Oh, that's Rhys Coiro who was on Entourage.  He seems pleasant.


  • We're getting into what is probably the biggest secret of the season:  Jon Dixon was supposed to be on Flight 11 on 9/11, and he had survivor's guilt.  That guilt, among other things, led him to bail on Barbara, who was dating his friend Dave, who died on the flight.  We suddenly have a much more complete picture of Jon.  He seemed like a control freak at times, and now we know he was hyper-vigilant about trying to protect his loved ones as he felt he failed to do with Dave.  It also gives a little more context to why he kept the secret apartment from his past life.


  • A few months later, Jon has a blow-up with Barbara, and he meets Delilah shortly after the fight, thus a new life is born.


  • This all works pretty well, but it's still a little creepy that Barbara stalked Delilah and Sophie for a bit and then went into their house under false circumstances before bailing.  Her fight with Jon aside, that's not how estranged friends act towards the other person's family.  We need to find out more about this woman.


  • There are parallels between Barbara and Delilah both being pregnant while having lost their loved one.  We know Delilah is lying about her baby's daddy, but is it possible Barbara lied as well?  Basically, we wondering if there's any chance that Jon is Barbara's son's father.  Something to file away until next year.


  • Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about those flashback scenes for a minute.  Ron Livingston looked so unlike himself, our first thought was that the actor was dealing with some health issues, or maybe plastic surgery.  Then we wondered if he was being digitally edited to look younger.  What we landed on was that he wasn't actually there with any of the other cast members.  (He's absolutely not at the same bar as Delilah when she gives him her phone number.)  Maybe Livingston had a scheduling conflict.


  • Hearing about Jon's story doesn't give Gary the closure he was looking for.  Good for Maggie for stating that there's no one reason why a person commits suicide.  It's a combination of things, and survivors have to be able to understand that and figure out how they're going to work through it to continue their own lives.


  • Hey, Hunter the lawyer is back.  Update:  Hunter still sucks, and it's fun to watch Katherine take him down a few pegs, but she's too happy about her upcoming family time.  You just know that's not going to end well.


  • Rome and Regina start talking about having kids.  That ends up not going well, but it seems pretty clear Rome is lining up to be a father figure to PJ next season. 


  • Regina says she's still worried about Rome, and again, this doesn't feel earned.  Not that she shouldn't care, but we haven't been given much reason to think Rome is in danger of another suicide attempt anytime soon.  Apart from a couple of awkward discussions with his dad and brother, he doesn't seem to be struggling with his depression at all.  Feels like there's a disconnect here.


  • There's Colin the dog!  Looking as handsome as ever.


  • Again, good for Maggie for recognizing and pointing out to Gary that, as much as she loves him for all of the help that he's given her, it feels like he's struggling with the same survivor's guilt around Jon that Jon had for not saving Dave.  She's not wrong.  It will be interesting to see if they continue this thread next year.


  • Gary finally gets the conversation with Jon at the cemetery that we've been waiting for all season.  It's an emotional monologue that feels like a good closing moment for a finale.  (Also, everything about that scene?  Blue.)


  • Oh!  PJ is Barbara Morgan's kid!  Looks like we'll definitely be seeing more of this group next year. 


  • Delilah's baby is early, and her kids are so excited to have another piece of their dad join the family.  Oh this poor child is going to be the cause of so much negativity.


  • Speaking of which, we close with Eddie about to come clean to Katherine about the baby.  That's a proper cliffhanger.


Final Thoughts:

This was a great way for A Million Little Things to wrap up its first season.  We were given a couple of major answers, and the door is wide open for all sorts of new stories next year.  While we have been occasionally frustrated with the show, it has steadily improved over the course of the year, and we're excited to see what this group can do moving forward.

Thank you again to everyone who hung out with us for these recaps.  We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did.  We've got plenty of other things for you to check out on the site, so have a look around, and we hope to see you again for season 2!


A Million Little Things Episode 17 March 1 2019A defining moment in Jon Dixon's life is revealed.  (pic via


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