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Check out the Official Good Omens Trailer!

We're not big fans of winter around here.  All that dark and cold.  Don't care for it.  Bring us increased sunlight and warmer temperatures, thank you very much.  The spring brings the promise of all sorts of the potential apocalypse?

Mind you, we don't really want the world to end.  That's why we're so excited to get this look at the first full trailer for the upcoming mini- series Good Omens, based on the wonderful novel by Neil Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett.  You've got the pairing of David Tennant as a demon named Crowley, and Michael Sheen as an angel named Aziraphale who team up to try and prevent said global destruction.

That combination would be exciting enough, but additional details about the cast have been released over the last few weeks, and we've also got Benedict Cumberbatch as Satan, Frances McDormand as God, Jon Hamm as the Archangel Gabriel, and Brian Cox as Death?  Sign us up!

Good Omens is one of our all-time favorite books, and with Neil Gaiman overseeing the production, this show looks like it will be of the same high quality.  The Good Omens teaser trailer was released a few months ago, and of course it did just what it was designed to do  - it teased us into needing to see much more of what's going on here.  Now that we've got the first full-length trailer to obsess over, the expectations are even higher!  (Also, we'd follow a demon David Tennant anywhere.)  It looks stylish, funny, and something we need to see as soon as possible, which by our understanding, is May 31 on Amazon Prime.  (The show will be distributed via other outlets later in the year.)

Bring on the spring and check this out!


Good Omens March 6 2019We trust these two characters to save the world.  (pic via



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