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(Recap) A Million Little Things: Episode 14 "Someday"

Hi everyone,

Welcome back!  Before we talk about this week's episode, we want to say a quick congratulations to everyone who works on "A Million Little Things" on being renewed for a second season.  The show clearly got a ratings bump when it moved to Thursday nights, and we're glad to see the network noticed it.  Now, we're heading into the final stretch of season one, and in a show filled with secrets, this week was Regina's chance to reveal a major one of hers.  Let's discuss.

Warning: Spoilers ahead



  • Gary doing the voice-over talking about mysteries during the opening makes us once again wonder if this show is shifting its focus from its original premise.  We started with talking about how friends come together in the face of a tragedy, and we seem to be tilting towards, "Who is Jon Dixon?"


  • Gary goes to the last known address for Barbara Morgan and finds Drea de Matteo.  She claims not to be Ms. Morgan, but there's no way she was hired to be some random woman who just opens a door.  We see you, Ms. Morgan.


  • By the way, where are we all at with Barbara Morgan's relationship to Jon Dixon?  Is everyone assuming she's a former girlfriend/wife?  We had a flash that she might be a sister.  Thoughts?


  • Eddie's back from his tour, and all Gary and Rome want to know about is the groupies.  Are we to assume that Eddie didn't sleep with anyone because of his situation with Delilah?


  • Good lord, Regina's mom is unhelpful at every possible opportunity.


  • Hey, look at that - Delilah finally looks pregnant.  We were starting to wonder when that was going to happen.  There was no sign of it last week, and since this show seems to generally operate in "real time"  between episodes, that would mean she basically started showing overnight.  That must have been an interesting morning when she woke up to see the changes.


  • Gary is really starting to obsess about Eddie not having had sex, and it's getting weird.


  • Seems like restaurant guy Andrew Pollock might be Delilah's new love interest.  We already like him more than Eddie, so let that relationship begin!


  • Regina has a bad reaction hearing her uncle Neil's name mentioned.  What spurs immediate anger like that?  We're guessing sexual abuse.


  • Maggie seems to be giving Rome a hard time about not being on his antidepressants, and this is getting irritating.  Following up on our past comments about Regina pressuring him to get back on his meds - we've seen no indication that Rome has been struggling without them.  It's gotten to the point that it almost feels like they dropped this storyline, and as a result, these conversations lack justification.  As far as we can tell, Rome is getting more exercise than he used to, but that's somehow framed as a warning sign. 


  • Antidepressants can help many people dealing with depression, but they're not a cure-all, and they don't work well for everyone.  For a show that claims to be big on discussing mental health issues, this comes across more like a paid advertisement for big pharma.  We'll have to pay more attention to the commercials over the final few weeks to see if any of them are for these medications, because this feels dirty.


  • There was just this big deal about how Eddie didn't sleep with anyone, but now he's clearly into the private investigator?  What are we doing here?  He bails at the last minute, but we'd be happy to help him pack up and send him off on another tour.


  • Gary's being hypocritical by supporting Eddie getting together with the private investigator but acting like a guard dog when it comes to Delilah and Andrew.  Someone's having a rough week.


  • Here it is:  Regina was sexually abused by uncle Neil when she was 12 years old.  This actually brings her character more into focus.  We now have a better understanding of why she's lacked self-confidence this whole series and often turned to Jon Dixon for support.  Plus, her terrible relationship with her mother makes much more sense now given that she didn't support Regina at the time of the abuse and has never acknowledged it.  It's also a call-back to "The Day Before" when a customer groped Regina, and her then-boss didn't (initially) support her. 


  • There's no sign of Katherine this week.  Did Grace Park have another filming commitment that week?  If not, it's got to be troubling to be the one regular who doesn't appear.


  • This show got increasingly blue starting from the moment Regina, Rome, and Maggie drove to see Neil.   Yes, our obsession with that continues...


  • Rome says he's going back to seeing Doctor Heller (good) and he's going back on the antidepressants (as we look for something to throw at the television.)


  • Turns out Gary's acting so weird with everyone because he's got some control issues.  That makes sense.  He says it's because he's worried about losing Maggie, but he's also clearly struggling with what he perceives was his inability to help a friend in crisis (Jon.) 


  • The part where Regina gets to appreciate the restaurant's successful first night was a nice scene, and the follow-up conversation with her mother was also good.  This is the kind of little moment that A Million Little Things does well.


Final Thoughts:

As you may have noticed, the anti-depressant messaging bothered us to no end again, but other than that, this was a relatively solid show.  It feels like we have a better sense of Regina, and maybe there's some hope for her relationship with her mom.  We're starting to get the feeling that the season finale will end with some bombshell revelation about Barbara Morgan.  In the meantime, we're looking forward to seeing more of Drea de Matteo over the next three weeks as we learn more about how she fits into this story.

See you next week!



A Million Little Things Episode 14 February 8 2019 (2)It's Regina's time to tell her secret.  (pic via


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