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Hulk Hogan Movie Coming to Netflix

Look out, brother:  It's being reported that Chris Hemsworth will play the immortal Hulk Hogan in a biopic for Netflix. This should be something to check out.  Hemsworth has already demonstrated with his portrayal of Thor that he's got the size, charisma, and sense of humor to play a larger-than-life figure.  The movie will be directed by Todd Phillips, he of The Hangover fame.   Phillips is also good with comedy and loud entertainment, so that also works.

Our question is about the script.  The movie will reportedly be written by Scott Silver and John Pollano.  We don't know either of those guys, so maybe they'll also do a good job, but everyone should be clear that this film is not a documentary.   The professional wrestling industry is built on a foundation of fantasy and exaggeration to say the least, and Hulk Hogan is as good as anyone when it comes to creating his own version of reality. It sounds like the story will only focus on his rise to the top of the pro wrestling mountain and leave out the scandals involving sex tapes,, and him being taped using racial epithets, so you already know the fix is in.  The Hulkster is serving as a consultant on the movie, so our initial odds say it would be a stretch if more than 30% of what happens in this film is accurate. 

However, don't get us wrong.  We have every intention of watching the movie when it's released.  The world of professional wrestling is fascinating, and even a fictionalized version could easily make for an entertaining 90 minute story.  There's no release date at this point, so fans have plenty of time to say their prayers and take their vitamins while they wait for Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania to run wild on Netflix.


Chris-Hemsworth-and-Hulk-Hogan February 21 2019It takes an Avenger to play a Real American. (pic via


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