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(Recap) A Million Little Things Episode 10: Christmas Wishlist

Christmas season has arrived, and it brings plenty of challenges for our group of friends. 

Warning: Spoilers Ahead



  • Raise your hand if you've ever been in trouble because of a dream your significant other had, or vice-versa.  Yeah, same here.  The person who had the dream understands it didn't really happen, but you're still screwed for a while.


  • We're guessing Rome's libido issues are related to his anti-depressants, and we find out later we were right.  Stabilizing your mental and emotional health can come with some side effects.


  • The scenes with Katherine and Theo are terrific.  The two have a wonderful chemistry chemistry together, and their interactions leave us solidly more in the Katherine over Eddie camp.


  • How old were you when you told your parents you knew they were Santa?


  • The Dixon kids are back after being out of the picture for a few weeks, and they seem to be doing well.  Is that about to change? 


  • Is it just us, or does Danny look like Ashley?


  • Our obsession with the show's blue lighting continues, but at least now it feels like it fits with it being late December.


  • Hold on, hold on.  Didn't Eddie just decide last week that he was going back on the road?  He told everyone off-camera?  That feels like a lot of missed story-telling opportunities.  He's making this big deal about needing to be there for the people who count on him, while he's also about to hop on a tour bus?  Katherine's not mad at all for him leaving when Theo needs him more because of their separation?  Delilah's not angry at all that he won't be there during her pregnancy?  (Side note:  How long is this tour supposed to last?  Is there any chance Eddie isn't coming back?)


  • You feel for Sophie when her mood changes on a dime after seeing Jon's old Santa costume.  The holidays can be challenging under the best of circumstances, and it's even harder when you're still processing the loss of a loved one.  Eddie does a nice job with her, but we're still annoyed about the tour thing.


  • Rome has a lot of issues around what it means "to be a man," and we're looking forward to watching Romany Malco go on that journey.


  • "Awkward Rome" is also funny Rome.


  • It seems like we saw Gary and Maggie's entire interaction with that obnoxious couple at the tree lot, so what is Gary talking about when he says the best part was saying, "I don't want to spend the year I have left standing behind you?" 


  • The baby reveal could have been much worse than it was, but you know the eventual father reveal is going to blow up this group again.


  • We talked about this last week, but how do we feel about Gary and Maggie as a couple?  They don't have the best vibe, and Gary seems to do better with Ashley.


  • That was a fun sing-along scene in the Dixon household, so of course that's when the eviction notice comes.  This group is allowed about 10 consecutive minutes of happiness at most before the next bit of bad news appears.


  • Does anyone here feel like Ashley's been helpful to the Dixon family?  She's still keeping the suicide note from them, and although we were hoping she would be able to prevent the eviction, Jon's been dead for at least seven weeks.  She should have told them what she knows by now.


  • Of course, as the end of the episode shows, Ashley has her own secrets about Jon.  Guess that Internet theory that she was his daughter didn't hold up.


  • Not buying the implied departure of Maggie in the teaser for episode 11.  Who do you think is leaving?  Anyone consequential, or is it a complete misdirection?


A Million Little Things Episode 10 December 13 2018There's a lot going on for Gary and company this Christmas season.  (pic via


Final Thoughts

This was a good fall finale for A Million Little Things.  It had a nice flow, told a number of interesting stories, and definitely left us interested to find out much more about Jon when the show returns in 2019.  Enjoy your holidays, everyone, and we'll see you back here again on January 17!


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