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Linkin Park's "Numb" Video Reaches One Billion Views

We just read the news that Linkin Park's "Numb" video recently passed one billion views on YouTube.  Math is not a strong point for the staff here, but that seems like a large number, right?  Surprisingly, it's not even in the top 15 for all-time most watched videos, but we'd vote for it ahead of any of the clips on that list.  It's also more impressive, because the video was uploaded close to 12 years ago, so that shows some long-term loyalty from Linkin Park fans.

Linkin Park hasn't performed together since that Chester Bennington tribute concert in October 2017, following Bennington's suicide in July that year.  It's unclear if they will move forward together without their immensely talented frontman.  The hope here is that they will reunite, although the next singer would face a daunting challenge following Bennington.  If the band members do go their separate ways for good, it's clear that they gave their fans a musical legacy to enjoy for many more years to come.



Linkin Park November 9 2018Linkin Park's music continues to connect with fans.  (pic via


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