(Book Review) Fear: Trump in the White House
Monday Clutter: Brett Kavanaugh's Accuser Comes Forward, Soon-Yi Previn, Carrie Underwood, Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Joaquin Phoenix, Dave Matthews, and more

Sunday Clutter: Paul Manafort, Willie Nelson Gets Political, Apple and Mozilla Take On Facebook, Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Childish Gambino, and more

Hi everyone,

Welcome back!  How are you?  BDH and Little Buddha are fascinated by the heavy fog outside this morning.  It's supposed to burn off in a few hours, so that's long enough to keep those two entertained for a while.  Other than that, there isn't too much to report on this end right now, so let's see what's going on in the world.  The guys tore themselves away from the window long enough to make the coffee, so help yourself to a nice medium DD, because it's time to clear out some Sunday Clutter.

The Trump administration will send a text message to your phone on Thursday as part of a testing of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System.  The message will come with a loud noise, so there's that to look forward later this week.   The testing starts at 2:18 p.m. EDT.  We understand that this outreach capability is part of a law that former President Obama signed into law, and it's important, but who here trusts the Great Pumpkin with it? 

Last week ended with the news that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort agreed to cooperate with the Mueller investigation as part of a plea bargain.  Do you think Trump has gotten any sleep since then?  The big question now becomes, what exactly does Manafort know?

Things must be getting worse for Trump if Congress is actually pushing back on him in any way, shape, or form.

We find it hysterical that conservatives are melting down over the news that Willie Nelson will headline a concert for Beto O'Rourke, who is running against Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas.)  There are supposedly Nelson "fans" complaining that they'll never listen to him again after this.  Who could listen to the pot-advocating country music icon for more than 5 minutes and think that he's conservative?  We're not worried about this performance having any kind of impact on Nelson's career.

Willie Nelson and Beto O'Rourke September 16 2018Willie Nelson and Beto O'Rourke teamed up at a 4th of July concert.  (pic via yahoo.com)

Disturbing news, as a border patrol agent has been arrested and accused of killing four women this month.  Juan David Ortiz was arrested after allegedly trying to kidnap a fifth woman on Saturday.

Cheers to Apple and Mozilla who will both be updating their browsers to help reduce Facebook's ability to track users.  The catch is that you have to be logged out of Facebook for the security measures to work, but it still sounds like a step forward for privacy protection.

We just read about the Old Farmer's Almanac's predictions for the upcoming winter in New Hampshire, and we don't care for what it said at all, so let's just move on to the next item...

The Boston Red Sox beat the New York Mets 5-3 yesterday for their 102nd win of the year.  Rick Porcello only gave up two hits over five innings for Boston, but the problem is that one of the hits was a three-run home run by New York's Brandon Nimmo in the fourth inning.  However, this team is never out of a game, and the Sox bounced back with a four-run fifth inning that included a clutch two-run double by pinch hitter Brock Holt, who is batting .384 as a pinch-hitter this year.  The win, along with the New York Yankees losing to the Toronto Blue Jays, means Boston's magic number for clinching the AL East is down to four.  Chris Sale takes the mound this afternoon as the Sox try to chip away at that number more and win another series.

Congratulations to the Cleveland Indians for clinching the AL Central title with a 15-0 win over the Detroit Tigers yesterday.  Turns out Cleveland skipper Terry Francona is a pretty decent manager.

The New England Patriots take on the Jacksonville Jaguars this afternoon in a rematch of last year's AFC Championship Game.  Admittedly, we're still working on some of the new players' names, and it's early in the season, but New England's defense looked improved last week, and Tom Brady is clearly already in the heads of the Jaguars who want "revenge" for blowing the championship game last year.  This isn't the first time TB12 has been in that position, and it usually works to his advantage.  Add it all together, and we see a Patriots win which probably makes us a little nauseous in the final few minutes.

The Cleveland Browns are reportedly planning to release wide receiver Josh Brown on Monday, so New England sports radio callers are presumably already debating whether they'd prefer to have Brown or Dez Bryant.  Brown has a long history of substance abuse issues and run-ins with the law, and some might argue the Patriots are better off just plowing through the next three weeks with who they have until Julian Edelman returns from suspension.  We'll revisit that if New England's offense gets shut down today.

What's next for Donald Glover if Childish Gambino is over (for now at least?)

Okay kids, that's going to do it for now.  Let's have Willie Nelson close things out with some, "Whiskey River," for today's, "Song of the Day."

Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  It was great to see you, as always.  Enjoy the rest of your day, be good, and we'll see you back here again for more fun soon.  Until next time, that's today's Clearing out the Clutter, and we are outta here.


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