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Thursday Clutter: Rudy Giuliani, Trump, Omarosa, Brock Turner, Sumner Redstone, Facebook, Boston Red Sox, Margot Kidder, AC/DC, and more

Wednesday Clutter: Michael Cohen, Trump, Boston Red Sox, Jerry Remy, NFL Legends Talk About Depression, Kathleen Turner, House of Cards, Laid, and more

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Life just keeps getting worse for Donald Trump's former fixer, as Michael Cohen is now reportedly under investigation for tax fraud.  That's one more thing that prosecutors may be able to use as leverage to get Cohen to cooperate with the Mueller investigation.  Has anyone checked Donald Trump's Twitter feed lately? 

Even White House officials have no idea what Donald Trump is talking about when he blames California's raging wildfires on state regulations.  The best we can come up with is that he's throwing everything at the wall to try to distract the country from his ever-growing legal problems.

The ACLU is suing the Trump administration for rejecting immigration applicants who are fleeing gang violence and domestic abuse situations.  A government with any moral integrity would help people in such cases.

Papa John's sales fell 10.5% after former CEO John Schnatter used the N-word in a conference call. 

People may say they have a variety of reasons why they upgrade their iPhones, but it seems like most of it comes down to a desire to be "cool." 

The Boston Red Sox beat the Toronto Blue Jays 10-7 in 10 innings last night.  Boston starter Drew Pomeranz didn't do much to make his case to stay in the rotation, giving up five walks, four hits, and two runs in 4 2/3 innings.  However, the bullpen kept things close, until J.D. Martinez had the chance to hit a three-run home run in the 8th inning to give the Sox a 5-3 lead.  Unfortunately, Craig Kimbrel blew the save in the 9th inning.  (The closer's recent troubles are cause for some concern.)  Thankfully, Mitch Moreland and Jackie Bradley Jr. came through with home runs in the 10th inning, as the Sox secured their 80th win of the year and remain 9 games ahead of the New York Yankees in the AL East.  Boston has now won 5 straight games, and they're 9-1 in their last 10 games.  Brian Johnson will try to keep that momentum going, and help the Sox secure a .500 record for the season, when he takes the mound against the Blue Jays tonight.

We're saddened to hear that Boston Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy is once again battling cancer.  Remy has seemed to be in a groove again after being paired with Dave O'Brien, and the three-man booth consisting of the two of them and Dennis Eckersley during this last series with the New York Yankees was tremendous.  There's no word on how long he'll be out of action this time, but we send the Rem Dawg our best wishes for another successful fight.

New York Yankees outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury will be out of action for six months after undergoing surgery on his left hip.  We were just talking about him with someone recently and thought he might have retired when we weren't paying attention.  Ellsbury has always had trouble staying healthy, and he's signed with the Yankees through 2020.  Yes, he wears pinstripes, but we've long since dropped any ill will about him leaving the Sox for the Yankees, and we hope he's able to do something productive with the last two years of his contract.  (If not, at least he cost the Yankees a lot of money.  Okay, maybe we haven't dropped "all" ill will.)  Ellsbury had a lot of talent, and it's too bad he has never been able to stay on the field for long enough periods of time to reach his full potential. 

Cheers to former NFL wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. for opening up about his issues with depression during his football career.  Hopefully it will help others in a similar situation to hear men like Smith and NFL Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins openly talk about this issue and realize there's no shame in it or in asking for help.  Forget what they did on the field, Smith and Dawkins are showing true courage and leadership now.

The NFL is apparently considering a rule to require Hall of Fame inductees to attend their enshrinement ceremony in order to be admitted.  What an asinine idea.  The only thing that matter is what a player did on the field and whether their play rose to the level of being one of the all-time greats.  No one cares if the voters got their noses out of joint because a player dissed them (hello, Terrell Owens.) 

This interview with Kathleen Turner is a must-read for fans of the actress.  Actually, scratch that, it's just a must-read, period.  Turner doesn't hold back on anything or anyone, and it's tremendous.

Kathleen Turner August 8 2018Kathleen Turner doesn't mince words.  (pic via

Here we go, the final season of House of Cards arrives at Netflix on November 2.  Will you watch Robin Wright take over the White House?

House of Cards August 8 2018Claire Underwood is the last one standing.  (pic via

Singer Kelly Clarkson is reportedly working on a daytime TV talk show that will debut in fall of 2019.

Check this out, the Plain White T's tune, "Hey There, Delilah," was yesterday's, "Song of the Day," and now it's being made into a TV show.  Coincidence?  We're flattered our choice carried such weight.

Okay kids, that's going to do it for now.  Kelly Clarkson already has a new TV show in development, so she doesn't need our help.  Let's see what we can do for James by having, "Laid," close things out as today's, "Song of the Day."

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