Monday Clutter: Trump, Boston Red Sox, NFL Hall of Fame, Demi Lovato, The Big Bang Theory, Taylor Swift and Bryan Adams, and more
Tuesday Clutter: Manafort Trial, David Tennant, BBC vs. Microsoft, Facebook and Banks, Boston Red Sox, Serena Williams, Wayward Sisters, Hey There Delilah, and more

The Story of Little D


Here stands before you, Little D

He always wonders, "Why does no one like me?"

First, you're a puppet, as we all can see

Did Putin really trap you with prostitute pee?


Your racist and sexist lies also make good people angry

A decent person you'll never be

Our country is eager to be set free

For that, we would pay a hefty fee


We all wait anxiously

To see you resign in disgrace on live TV

The day you leave will fill us all with glee

It's time to go now, Little D


Donald Trump August 6 2018The one they call "Little D."  (pic via




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