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The 11th Doctor Joins Star Wars

We were scanning the Internet for the latest gossip about the upcoming Series 11 of Doctor Who, when we discovered that 11th Doctor Matt Smith has signed on for Star Wars: Episode IX!  Good for him.  Smith clearly expected his role in Terminator: Genisys in 2015 would be his big break as a movie star, but that film didn't do nearly as well as expected at the box office, and the franchise was put on hold.  His portrayal of Prince Philip in The Crown was well-received (earning Smith his first-ever Emmy nomination), but now that he and co-star Claire Foy have both left the series, Smith has another chance to try the big screen.

Smith joins a long list of people who have appeared in both Doctor Who and Star Wars.  (We suddenly find ourselves wondering if anyone has ever written a crossover story involving the two universes.  Wait, of course they have.)

The details of Smith's character have not been announced yet, except that it's described as "a key role."  While Smith can easily play a good-hearted figure (see: the Doctor), he's also got a menacing side to him which could be a great fit here.  Hopefully he's with the Rebels, but we're ready to jump to the dark side of the Force in a heartbeat if that's where he lands.

Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to be released on December 20, 2019, which leaves plenty of time for speculation about Smith's role!


Matt Smith August 29 2018Who do you think Matt Smith will play in Episode IX?  (pic via


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