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Classic Clutter: Scene from a Lemonade Stand (2018 Update)

We just read  story a story about Country Time Lemonade offering to cover the fines of kids whose lemonade stands were busted because they didn't have the proper permits.  Our first thought was that it had to be a joke, but apparently it's legit.  Shame on any bureaucrat who wastes a single taxpayer dollar doing this.  Friends, here's a quick and easy tip to a happier life:  Always buy lemonade from a kid whenever you get the chance.  Trust us, you win every time.

Originally published: April 30, 2011

I learned an important life lesson years ago.  I forget where I read it, I suspect it was in a Robert Fulghum story, but it's absolutely true:  You should always buy lemonade from kids at a lemonade stand.  Do it even if you don't want lemonade, even if you don't like lemonade, or even if you have to cross the street and walk a block out of your way to get to the stand.  It sounds like something from a Hallmark card, but trust me, you'll never go wrong with this one.

I was walking down the street, slightly cold and wondering if I'd made a mistake by not bringing my umbrella with me as the clouds were quickly getting darker.  Resigned to my fate as I crossed the intersection, I came across the lemonade stand. The two little blond girls looked to be about three and four years old.  They both sat in lawn chairs, and the younger one had a Fisher Price cash register which was almost as big as her resting on her lap.  There was a sign written in crayon next to them, two thermoses in front, and Mom sitting behind them. They looked up at me, grinning as I stopped, and then turned around quickly at Mom, sitting behind them, wondering what they should do.

Mom reminded them to ask me what kind of lemonade I wanted.  They quickly spun their heads back to me and asked in unison.  When I asked what my choices were, the older one bit her lip for a second, and said with a firm sense of determination that I could have pink or yellow.  My selection of yellow sparked a fury of activity.  The older sister jumped up and stared at the thermoses, asking mom which one had the yellow lemonade.  The younger sister put her cash register to the side and grabbed a Dixie cup.  Mom had to help pour the lemonade, and the younger one had the cup tipped at such an angle, I was sure the lemonade was going to pour out over everything, but somehow we managed to avoid a disaster.

The younger sister put a straw in my cup and handed it to me with such pride.  I paid my dollar, thanked them both very much, and the two tiny voices replied in unison, "You're welcome!" with smiles going from ear to ear.  The beaming happiness was a pick-me-up that I hadn't even realized I needed but was totally welcome when I got it.

The lemonade was a syrupy concoction that tasted like they hadn't followed the directions on the back of the Country Time powder mix can, but it was worth every last cent. 


Lemonade Stand June 12 2018Lemonade stands are the best.  (pic via usnews.com)


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