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(Review) Avengers: Infinity War

Having successfully avoided even the slightest spoiler, today was the day to head to the movie theater to check out The Avengers: Infinity War, the blockbuster which is dominating the box office.  Before we go any further, let me be clear that I am not a hardcore Marvel fan, but I have at least a basic grasp of all of the characters and their backstories.  Coming from that perspective, I'll just say this:  Oh my god.  This movie is insane, it's the fastest 2 hours and 40 minutes you'll spend this year, and it lives up to the hype.  A few quick thoughts:

Infinity War Poster May 7 2018Everything you could want in a comic book movie.  (pic via

(Spoiler Free) Observations:

  • This film is epic in every sense, from the visuals, to the music, to the characters, to the stakes.  If you're going to see it, you must see it in the theater on a big screen with a near-deafening sound system. 


  • You probably need to know "something" about the Marvel universe before you see Infinity War.  There are a lot of characters, and it seems like it would be pretty easy to get lost if you're not sure who you're looking at on the screen at any given time. 


  • The movie does a terrific job of spinning a lot of plates simultaneously, and they pull it off without a hitch.


  • Are we sure that Josh Brolin is Thanos, not Ron Perlman?  There may be exactly one shot where Thanos doesn't look like Perlman.


  • By the way, you can see how Thanos thinks he's a good guy doing the right thing.  He's insane, but you can see how he gets there.


  • A number of the characters who die in the movie must be coming back down the road, but cheers to everyone who took their final curtain call in this movie.


  • This is what a movie with a $300 million budget looks like, and it was money well-spent.  Also, there may have been 300 million people who worked on Infinity War.  Never seen a set of credits like that before. 


  • Don't forget to stay for the post-credits scene.  Everyone else in the theater left before it happened.  (In all fairness, the credits might take 40 minutes.)  I could have sat for another few hours for another adventure after the final shot of that sequence.


  • It took 10 years for Marvel to put together all of the pieces for this adventure, which is part of what makes it all seem so huge.  Once this story concludes, they should wait at least another 10 years before trying anything like it again.


  • This movie has already grossed over $1 billion in worldwide receipts, and nothing is going to stop it from doubling that mark before it's all over.


  • Highly recommended.




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