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Old/New Guns N' Roses Song is Here!

One of the biggest surprises in recent rock music history is the success of the Guns N' Roses reunion tour.  Most smart money would have set the over/under on the  "Not in This Lifetime" tour ending after the first three shows, with Axl Rose and Slash once again swearing to never work with the other one.  However, two years later, the show is still going on and it has consistently received positive reviews.  One question that many fans are asking now is, will the band go back to the studio to make new music?

Axl Rose and Slash May 7 2018Keeping the peace longer than anyone predicted.  (pic via digitalspy.com)

While we wait for that answer, it's been announced that a deluxe Appetite for Destruction box set will be released on June 29.   Man, does this sound like a dream come true for the band's fans.  It's a four disc set that includes a remastered copy of the original album, a number of cover songs that the GNR has played over the years, and a couple of previously unreleased original tracks, among other goodies.  We used to have some Guns N' Roses bootlegs back in the day that included performances of "Heartbreak Hotel," "Mama Kin," and "Jumpin' Jack Flash," and they were awesome.  Raw, aggressive, and full of attitude  They were also of a dubious sound quality, so we're all over some cleaned-up versions.

The band also released an official video to go with one of the formerly-unreleased songs, called, "Shadow of Your Love," to hold you over until June.  It's an old song, it's sort of a new song, and it's pure classic Guns N' Roses.  Check it out:



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