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Welcome back!  How are you?  Moving just a little slowly here at the moment.  I woke up in the middle of the night two nights ago and somehow managed to tweak my neck in the process, so my left side is tight right now.  Man, that's lame.  Let's try that again.  I pulled a crying baby from a car crash and hurt my neck as a result.  Yeah, that's better.  In any case, everything else is fine, and we've got coffee!  Help yourself to a nice medium DD, and let's clear out some Sunday Clutter.

Thousands took to the street again for for the second Women's March of the Trump presidency yesterday.  There were rallies in over 25o cities in the United States, as well as supportive events overseas.  All of them had the same message that the Trump administration has been a disaster for women, and people need to vote in November.  It's depressing that another march was needed, but let there be no doubt, the blue tidal wave continues to build for this fall's mid-term elections.

Women's March January 21 2018In case you haven't heard, the future is female.  (pic via

The federal government shutdown continues, as Donald Trump once again proves that his boasts of being an expert deal-maker are as false as everything else that comes out of his mouth.  Just to review, Republicans hold the majority in the House and Senate, and they've got the White House, yet they still can't keep the lights on.  Eight years of rabidly opposing everything Barack Obama proposed has left the GOP unable to perform the basic functions of government, and Trump is going to lead them all right off the cliff because he doesn't want any more dark-skinned people coming into the country.  November can't get here fast enough.

Michael Wolff claims he's positive Donald Trump is having an affair in the present-day.  Who wants to argue against that, without simply saying, "Wolff's a liar?"  Republicans, talk to us about Trump's strong moral code.  Much like the alleged affairs with multiple porn stars, we don't particularly care.  We just don't want to ever have to hear another b.s. speech from the GOP about morality.

Last night's SNL came up with the perfect game show:


It's time to stop speculating about Tom Brady's hand injury and see for ourselves what TB12 can do, because the New England Patriots face the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship game this afternoon.  We've decided not to go overboard with the panic.  Brady seems to have been dealing with injuries all year, and he hasn't played that well recently.  However,  even with that, the Patriots are one game away from the Super Bowl.  Maybe the Jacksonville defense will keep a few New England points off the board, but Bill Belichick isn't going to be outmatched by Blake freaking Bortles in Foxboro.  The Patriots win the game, everyone outside of New England gripes and moans once again, and we enjoy this amazing run for as long as we can.

In other TB12 news, if you've ever wanted a Tom Brady-authorized Super Bowl ring, here's your chance.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota Vikings are on the road against the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship game.  The gut feeling here is that the two teams are evenly matched, but the Vikings are vulnerable to a let-down after their amazing win against the New Orleans Saints last week, and it's just enough for the Eagles to squeak out a win at home.  What's your prediction?

Hanley Ramirez says he's healthy and ready to do some damage for the Boston Red Sox this year.  Perhaps trying to get the team to pick up his option for 2019 will also motivate him.  The Sox need better results from just about everyone in their lineup, so if Hanley can back up his words, all the better.

We need to wish a happy belated birthday to Tom Baker!  The 4th Doctor was the one who got us into Doctor Who in the first place, some roughly 35 years ago, and he turned a spry 84 years old yesterday.

It was revealed yesterday that Tom Petty died from an accidental drug overdose last year.  Apparently Petty was suffering from a broken hip, and his family believes that led to him inadvertently taking too much of the painkiller fentanyl.  It would be great if people could take this as another warning about opiods, especially when the federal government is apparently getting ready to launch a new war on pot.  We need to have a national/reality-based discussion about pain management.

Tom Petty January 21 2018A sad loss.  (pic via

As many of you know, the Clutter investment team occasionally likes to give some basic investing advice, because they don't want anyone to feel intimidated by the subject.  That advice usually consists of investing in low-cost index funds and keeping a long-term perspective.  For those who are looking for a slightly different approach, our team offers you this:  Read about everything Nicolas Cage has done with his money over the years and then do the exact opposite. 

Okay kids, that's going to do it for now.  In honor of the Patriots, let's close things out with a killer live performance from Metallica of, "Enter Sandman," for today's, "Song of the Day."


Yeah, that hit the spot.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  It was great to see you, as always.  Enjoy the rest of your day, be good, and we'll catch up again for more fun soon.  (Don't worry about your coffee cups, we'll clean them later.)  Until then, that's today's Clearing out the Clutter, and we are outta here.


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