Wednesday Clutter: Trump, Matt Lauer, Eli Manning, Guns N' Roses, RHCP, and more
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Thursday Clutter: Trump, Matt Lauer, Boston Red Sox, Santa Speedo Run, Avengers: Infinity War, and more

Hi everyone,

Welcome back!  How are you?  It's the final day of November, huh?  The staff has a lot to take care of in December.  We should probably have a meeting later today and write out our to-do list so we don't miss anything.  It would be good to end 2017 on a productive note.  Of course, the first thing that would help us do that is some coffee.  BDH and Little Buddha have a fresh pot ready to go, so help yourself to a nice medium DD, and let's clear out some Thursday Clutter.

Donald Trump had a particularly unhinged day on Twitter yesterday.  The Great Pumpkin retweeted a far-right anti-Muslim individual from Great Britain (earning himself a rebuke from British Prime Minister Theresa May.)  He followed that up with a tweet about an old conspiracy theory involving MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and the death of a former intern, and of course he couldn't resist weighing in on the Matt Lauer story.  In addition to being a traitor to this country, the President of the United States can't help showing what a dim-witted fool he is on a regular basis.  If the GOP had any principles whatsoever, we would already have entered into a conversation about Trump's mental competency, but nothing matters to these guys except making their donors richer.  Robert Mueller should be given a Nobel Peace Prize if he can get this can of Crush soda out the door.

Donald Trump November 30 2017

Am I going senile?  Who's to say?  (pic via

Speaking of Matt Lauer, it turns out that multiple women have accused the now-former Today host of inappropriate behavior at the office, and there may still be more to come.  The stories include indecent exposure, inappropriate comments, a gift of a sex toy to a co-worker, and a creepy button under his desk which let him lock his office door without getting up.   It sounds like Lauer's behavior has been known for a long time, but he was always protected, given the money that comes from the Today show. 

Geraldo Rivera defended Lauer on Twitter, referring to the news business as "flirty."  Rivera then tried to run away from his comments after being criticized for them.

Garrison Keillor was terminated by Minnesota Public Radio yesterday, also due to claims of inappropriate behavior at work.  Keillor denies the allegations.  Keillor was of course the creator of A Prairie Home Companion, which he also hosted for the better part of 40 years.  That show, which is now hosted by Chris Thile, will be renamed, and "Companion" reruns will no longer air.

Our nation's opioid problem is sure to become a thing of the past, now that Kellyanne Conway is in charge of the White House response to the crisis, whatever that might turn out to be.  The guess here is that they'll do nothing and then loudly claim that the problem is solved, and the reason people think otherwise is because of fake news.  The only two lenses you can look through to make sense of this administration's actions on anything are gross incompetence and an allegiance to a foreign country.

Buzzfeed is laying off 6% of its workforce after missing their 2017 revenue targets.  Don't worry, we have no intention of ever letting go of any of our staff here, a decision which is partially due to the fact that we have no revenue targets.  However, if you buy a mug, we will be able to buy more coffee (and maybe some other beverages, if there's interest), so...just something to consider.

The Boston Red Sox are reportedly talking to the Chicago White Sox about first baseman Jose Abreu.   No word yet on what the trade might consist of, but Abreau would certainly be a welcome addition to the Sox lineup, with 33 home runs and 102 RBI in 2017.  Abreau is eligible to be a free agent after the 2019 season.

The 17th annual Santa Speedo Run in Boston takes place on December 9.  The run is a fundraiser for the Play Ball! Foundation.  We remember the first time we came across this event.  It must have been about 14 years ago, when we walked into a Borders bookstore to do some Christmas shopping, and found ourselves surrounded by a large group of people in their skivvies.  It was definitely a memorable sight, given the lack of context at the time.

We can think of a number of people who will be happy to hear about progress being made regarding the treatment of migraines.

The Clutter investment team follows a rule that Warren Buffett uttered many years ago:  invest in what you know.  That rules out bitcoins for us, because as far as we understand it the whole thing sounds like a house of cards.  A diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds may not sound as "sexy," but it's got a proven track record of long-term success, which works for our team. 

Oh, and as far as the stock market goes, it looks pretty damn expensive these days.  You can't outrun math forever, (as much as Republicans may say otherwise), so there's got to be a correction coming at some point, and it might be ugly.  However, if you keep your eyes on the long-term prize, a diversified portfolio will help you ride out the storm.

It can't be fun to be a fan of the hapless Cleveland Browns, but one person is apparently looking for the humor in their struggles.  Chris McNeil has filed the paperwork to hold a parade if the Browns do indeed go 0-16 this season.

As promised, the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer dropped yesterday.  What's the verdict, Marvel fans?  Everything you were hoping for, or just another movie?


Okay kids, that's going to do it for now.  Let's have Queen take us out with, "Stone Cold Crazy," for today's, "Song of the Day."


Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  It was great to see you, as always.  Enjoy the rest of your day, be good, and we'll meet up again for more coffee soon.  Until next time, that's today's Clearing out the Clutter, and we are outta here.


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