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Review: The Focus Group

Sara Benincasa has become a Clearing out the Clutter favorite over the last few years.  She's a comedian and author, and she consistently produces material that's a terrific blend of informative, funny, and inappropriate, which we love here at Clutter Headquarters.  I recently read her book, Agorafabulous!: Dispatches from my Bedroom, which details her battles with panic disorder and agoraphobia.  It's a beautifully honest story.  There are parts which are literally laugh out loud funny, and parts that are painfully raw, but it's all inspiring.

A few months back, Sara tweeted that she was getting ready to get naked for her new short film:  The Focus Group.  I immediately made a note to keep an eye out for that when it was released, and that day is finally here!  In the movie (which she wrote), Sara plays a depressed woman looking to make some dramatic changes to her life, to which a friend tells her to submit herself to a focus group for review/improvement.

What follows next is funny, painfully raw, and at the end, inspiring.  (I sense a theme here.)  It's a great story and well worth the next 9 min 32 seconds of your life.   Enjoy!

(Note:  She wasn't kidding about the nudity, so proceed with caution if you're reading this at work.)

The Focus Group (2016) from Sara Benincasa on Vimeo.



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