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Not Fancy, Just Functional

My iPhone has become increasingly difficult to charge over the last few weeks and months.  It's been a challenge to make the connection between the charger and the phone.  Doing so requires a soft touch that resembles Jeremy Renner defusing bombs in The Hurt Locker.  I've done my best to make it work, but it seemed apparent that I was steadily losing the battle.  To some extent, it made sense since the phone is coming up on its third birthday at the start of next month, and that's something like 90 human years for a smartphone, right?  Still, I like my phone and wouldn't be changing it if I had any choice.

Having (mostly) made my peace with needing a new phone, I walked over to the Verizon store.  The plan was to ask if there was any way they could repair the current problem, and then ask how to transfer my pictures and whatnot when I would inevitably be told there was no solution.  I talked to a hulking staff member named Mike who at something like 6'4, 250 lbs, with a bushy black beard, looked like he might work for the WWE as his second job.  I explained the problem, asked if there was any way he could fix it, and girded myself for a negative response.

It turns out that the issue was, (in technical terms), my phone "has a lot of gunk in it."  As Mike explained, "You've got to treat these things like an old Nintendo game and blow on them every so often."  I had no idea that was a thing for phones.  He took something (I think a paperclip) and pulled out a remarkable amount of said gunk out of the phone, used an air can on it and told me that I was good to go.  No replacement phone for me today?  Score!  Take that, "change!"  Who needs you, "having an open mind to new things?"  Score one for the glory of the status quo!

I get that I'm generally more resistance to change than I should be, but I really enjoyed this outcome.  I'm absolutely addicted to my phone, but at the same time, I feel somewhat resentful over the constant pressure to upgrade devices in order to be "cool," which is something that's never been my cup of tea.  My phone doesn't have all of the bells and whistles that the newest versions have.  Hell, Dad Clutter's phone is fancier than mine.  However, it gives me exactly the level of service that I ask for, and it's nice to feel like that's okay every now and again.  The phone's not fancy, it's just functional, like its owner.

Not fancy, just functional.  There's got to be a place in the world for that.


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