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Clutter Goes to the Movies: Deadpool

I’ve seen a handful of superhero movies over the last few years, bits and pieces of various X-Men and Avengers flicks here and there. They’re not really my thing. It’s not that I dislike them, but the special effects start to feel a little numbing after a while, and they all take themselves too seriously. That is certainly not a problem for Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds in all of his beautiful (for maybe half of the film) glory stars as “Wade Wilson,” a former special forces member who now does the odd “tough guy” job here and there. Wilson continually cracks sharp one-liners in rapid-fashion, and is clearly slightly unbalanced. He falls in love with an equally crazy woman, then gets sick, but gets cured, but things go wrong, and then the bad guy kidnaps the girl, and Wilson, a.k.a. “Deadpool,” has to go rescue her. It’s a pretty basic plot, but the fun isn’t in the story, it’s in all of Deadpool’s inappropriate humor as the story progresses.

We won’t repeat any of the jokes here. First off, Clearing out the Clutter is a (relatively) family-friendly place, but second, and really more importantly, most of it won’t sound funny out of context. It’s a fun movie. There’s a beautifully cheesy soundtrack, plenty of action, a bit of naughty stuff, a slice of horror, a touch of love, and really, all sorts of adult humor. Let’s be clear, this is not a movie for kids, and I’m slightly concerned now about the handful of children in the theater who looked to be about 8-11 years old. Oh well, good luck with that, mom and dad.

The movie doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the Deadpool comic, though I’m sure there are plenty of Easter eggs in there for the pre-existing fans of the character. It would be great if more movies could be as relaxed as Deadpool, and given its surprisingly-strong performance at the box office, that might be in the realm of possibility. I’d certainly rather see more of Deadpool than Batman v. Superman, Iron Man v. Captain America, and anyone else who has had a falling-out with a friend this year. You don’t have to see Deadpool in the theater, but if you want to go to the movies and there’s nothing else calling your name, it’s an entertaining use of two hours. Give it a B+.



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