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Hi everyone,

Welcome back.  How are you?  Week going okay so far?  Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of my paying gig (I still consider Clutter my "real" job), and I was rewarded with what I consider to be the nicest day of the summer so far.  Seriously, it was sunny and pleasant, without that intense heat or insane humidity we've had in recent weeks.  I'll take more of that, please.  However, what I'll take first is a nice medium iced DD, because it's time to clear out some Wednesday Clutter.

Private Bradley Manning was found not guilty of "aiding the enemy" when he gave thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks, but he's still looking at spending the rest of his life in jail.  It could have been worse, but it still sends a frightening message to whistle-blowers. 

I want to be excited when President Obama proposes any kind of large jobs plan, but given that the opposing party has zero interest in governing on any level, and if anything is hostile to the very idea, it's hard to get the energy level up.

New York City's proposal to ban large sodas was shot down by an appeals court, though Mayor Michael Bloomberg said there will be further appeals.

Speaking of New York, Clutter doesn't particularly care about Anthony Weiner's sexting allegations in and of themselves, but why does anyone support this guy?  He's not particularly accomplished, and his arrogance is off the chart, even for a New Yorkah.  What's the appeal?

Chris Christie and Rand Paul are fighting about bacon, both in terms of federal dollars and how much Christie weighs.  Take your time with this one, guys. 

The 2016 GOP primary has begun!  (pic via abcnews.com)

As of press time, Major League Baseball still hasn't taken any actions against Alex Rodriguez, but whenever it happens, whatever the punishment, A-Rod isn't likely to go quietly.  Honest question, does Rodriguez have any supporters at this point?  Honestly, did I miss them?  If you've read a positive article or seen a supportive quote, can you send it my way?

Okay Clutterheads, you all know I just bought my iPhone a month ago, and I dropped something like $35 on a simple plastic case because I'm an idiot.  However, do we think that I obviously now have to buy a Van Halen iPhone case, or not?  If I do this, it means I will have spent about $60 on something that shouldn't cost me more than $2, and you know I'm better with my money than that, but is there really an option here? 

Look out, Brian Wilson and his beard are back!  The reliever signed a deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and it will be interesting to see how strong he comes back from his second Tommy John surgery.

If Doctor Who star Matt Smith needs a place to crash while he figures out where to move to in America, Clutter Headquarters is always an option.  BDH and Little Buddha would take very good care of him.  They do love guests.

Speaking of Doctor Who, BBC America has 13 reasons why Who fans should be excited about the debut of Broadchurch on August 7th, and the all sound good to me!  Really, just the fact that it stars David Tennant is enough for me, but I'll take the other 12 as well.

Okay kids, that's going to do it for now.  I think we'll close things out with a Broadchurch trailer to prepare you for the fact that I'm guessing we'll be talking about this show for the foreseeable future.  See for yourself with today's, "Clip of the Day."


Yeah, that looks cool.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  It was great to see you, as always.  You know you're more than welcome to come back and hang out again later tonight if you want.  BDH and Little Buddha are always giddy when you come by.  Otherwise, be good, and we'll meet up again soon.  For now, that's today's Clutter, and we are outta here.


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