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Hi everyone,

Welcome back.  How are you?  How was your weekend?  Happy July 1st to you all!  It's a little crazy that we're already done with the first half of 2013.   BDH and Little Buddha tell me that we have a lot to take care of in the next six months.  That sounds a little daunting to me at the moment, so instead, why don't you make yourself comfortable, help yourself to a nice medium iced DD, and we'll kick off the second half of the year by clearing out some Clutter.

Marriage equality returned to California, as Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy refused to stop the state from issuing marriage licenses, following the court's recent ruling overturning the anti-marriage "Prop 8."  There's part of me that almost feels bad for marriage opponents.  I can only sort of imagine the fear and hatred in their hearts that drives them to put so much energy into discriminating against others.  It's sad, to some extent. 

There were some bumps in the road to get there, but who is the first team in the American League to reach 50 wins this year?  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Boston Red Sox.

I watched the latest installment of Doctor Who Revisited last night.  This time it featured the 6th Doctor, played by Colin Baker.  I'd never seen one of his adventures before, and a couple of things struck me.  On the downside, I don't think the BBC paid the lighting bill before this show was shot.  Baker and his companion Peri, played by Nicola Bryant, frequently looked like they were filming their scenes after hours and only using half of the lights. 

On a more positive note, I enjoyed Baker's Doctor more than I thought I would after reading so many stories of his short stint with the show.   What I was most intrigued by was how arrogant and not particularly likable this version was, and it did a good job of showing the darker side to this character.  As much as I loved Matt Smith's portrayal of the 11th Doctor, I would like to see his successor be less "cutesy" and regain more of this edge going forward.

Baker bryant
That's one hell of a coat.  (pic via

Larry David's new movie, Clear History, looks like an extended episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm,  so sign me up on August 10th.


Longtime Saturday Night Live cast member Fred Armisen has left the building.

Apparently Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke got engaged to a member of the Dallas Cowboys over the weekend.  I don't understand this at all, because she's been "married" to professional wrestler "Bully Ray" for the last few months on the TNA: Impact show, and I don't remember them getting divorced, so I don't understand how this all works out, but I'm sure they'll eventually resolve everything.

Okay kids, that's going to do it for now.  Friend of Clutter Ben Soreff (also known as the brains behind the terrific parenting site Beyond the Car Seat), passed this along this Phil Collins clip, and it seems like a good note to end on today.  Give him credit, Collins has written a lot of sappy songs, but he's also always been a godo showman, and he's not that bad on the drums either.  See for yourself with today's, "Song of the Day."


Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  It was great to see you, as always.  Here's to a strong start to the second half of the year.  Have a good rest of your day, and come back soon so we can do this all over again.  For now, that's today's Clutter, and you may hear it calling in the air tonight, but we are still outta here.


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